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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Hello All,                                  November 22, 2015
Hope you all have wonderful Thanksgiving plans. I'll be feeding the masses as usual. It's ok though, I love the leftovers! The Nook will be open Mon. through Wed. 10:00 to 6:00. We will be closed Thanksgiving Day and Friday. Saturday we'll be there 10:00 to 5:00. Don't forget that Sat. is shop your local small business day. Our gift certificate holiday special is now in effect. Spend $25.00 and get an extra $5.00 to add on or keep for yourself. Cool huh?!
We have several used machines with very low hours! If you are thinking new machine, but don't want to house train it yourself, any of these would be great to own. New owner classes are included.
Again, have a great holiday and remember that all of us at the Nook are very thankful for all of you!

Hello All,                                            November 7, 2015
Just a reminder, we have an educator from Viking coming on Nov. 19th. It will be at the Holiday Inn and the cost will be $50.00. This will include a great lunch. Nom, nom, nom! Lots of things to see and learn. Sign up soon, very soon.
Diana has a Glam Shell wallet class coming up this week. A great time to make some Christmas gifts! Betcha can't make just one. Call the store for details.
As always, have a great week, and stop by to see us. We love to show off new models and fabric.
TTFN, Mary

Hello All,                                            November 1, 2015
Hope you've all remembered to set your clocks back an hour! Wasn't that extra hour of sleep refreshing?! It just means winter is inching ever closer. Ugh!
Don't forget to sign up for our seminar on Nov. 19th. It will be lots of fun and very informative. We'll be at the Holiday Inn and lunch is included in the $50.00 fee.
Stuff your Stocking will be starting in a few weeks, so make sure you're signed up to get our e-mails. Of course you don't have to take part, but it's always fun to have a choice.
Well, have a great week and enjoy the warmer weather coming our way.

Hello All,                                  October 25, 2015
I hope you've all been able to do a little leaf peeping! The trees are gorgeous! It's so nice to be able to see across the fields again. Cornfields do make me a little claustrophobic.
Be sure to mark Nov. 18th on your calendar. We have Alex Graham-Michel coming to speak to us and show off her wonderful samples and ideas. Alex is a long-time Viking educator and is extremely knowledgeable. It will be held at the Holiday Inn from 10:00-4:00 and lunch will be included in your fee of $50.00. What a great day out! Sign up early and don't miss this treat!
We have been busy cutting layer cakes, charms and jelly rolls from reproduction and bright fabrics. The nice part of this is that we have matching fabric for borders. Come take a look!
Have a great week and enjoy the Fall colors.
TTFN, Mary

Hi Guys,                                       October 18, 2015
It's heeeerrrreeee! The epically wonderful, marvelous, Epic. The coolness is real. You really need to see it to believe it! We have lots of great samples!
Alex Graham-Michel will be coming to see us and do a program in Nov. Details will follow and also time and place. Alex has been with Viking for many years and is extremely interesting. Be sure to sign up early, e-mails will be coming your way soon.
We have a trunk show in the store for another week featuring quilts made from the cat's cradle ruler. The quilts are lovely and the ruler is very easy to use. There will be a block of the month using it, next Spring. Yet one more reason to come see us!
So as you can see, the Nook has lots of fun things for you to and do. Don't forget we have classes going on all the time as well.

Hi Guys,                                       October 11, 2015
A new season is here! The trees are starting to show some color and the temps are getting a little chilly at night! Can't wait to get started on a cozy new quilt or maybe a few Christmas gifts. I'll need to test out that new Epic you know! Diana just got back from Convention and the reports are extremely good. Can't wait to see one in person! You know, stroke it and pet it and name it and..... Anyway, that also means some lovely Diamonds and Rubies will be needing good homes. Come see us and them in the coming weeks.
Classes are still forming. Be sure to look online or check your schedule and get signed up for a fun day out!
Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine and lovely trees. Fall is my favorite season, especially after the crops are in and you can see across the fields again. Makes it easier to dodge the deer!

Hi Guys,                                      August 30, 2015
The weather man says it's going to be hot and hotter this coming week. A great time to stay inside and get started on your Christmas projects! Once Labor Day is over, it seems like it's no time until the holidays. We have lots of quick project ideas to share and many of them are stash busters. Pillow cases are always popular, even among the older set. I even keep a few little things about to give as "cheer" gifts.

We did have a winner in our Row by Row contest. It was Theresa Bushey and her quilt is hanging in our front window. She did a great job!

If you're in the shop this week, be sure to wish Diana a Happy Birthday!


Hi Guys,                                   August 23, 2015
The feeling of Fall is in the air. I have seen lots of Black-eyed Susans ( who gave Susan the black eye, anyway?), and Goldenrod is beginning to bloom. Won't be long,now.
Another sign of Fall, is the soon to be seen newsletter migrating from the printer to the Nook. I think we have lots of interesting classes coming up. We have some fresh faces who are ready to teach and the old standbys, of course.
Some classes are already filling, so sign up soon.
Row by Row H2O is still going on and doesn't end until Sept. 8th. We have kits, patterns, and license plates are ordered and on their way. The only thing we're missing is a winner!
New models are going up and new fabrics are coming almost every day! Stop by to take a look and say "Hello"!

Ta Ta for Now,

Hi Guys,                                  August 16, 2015

Sorry it's been so long, but sometimes life just gets in the way! Kids are back to school and it won't be long until Fall arrives. I've seen lots of goldenrod blooming. Once this happens, you know that inexorable slide to Christmas is beginning. Time to start thinking about gifts!
The class list is up on the website and I think there are some pretty good gift ideas included. We have new rulers, of course, and there are some pretty sweet table runners on the schedule. Check it out.
We've hung lots of new models in the last few weeks and most of the Christmas fabric is on the shelves. There's a great line from MODA featuring cardinals! We have some beautiful Fall fabric as well. I'm thinking place mats, wall hangings and table runners. Your home could be a veritable holiday show place!
Come see what's new!

TTFN! Mary.

Hi All,                                     July 5, 2015
Hope you all had a great Independence Day!  We still have littles and so we had sparklers and fireworks and fun!  Diana had loooootttsss of rain on Fri. and just about washed away, but it was short-lived.
Row by Row by H2O has started and we have had people pulling off 70 from all over the country collecting rows.  It's been great fun to talk to them and see the various rows they've already collected.  This continues until Sept., so there is still plenty of time to get started. I like to collect the license plates. Not sure how they'll be used, but you know how that works.
This month's Christmas Club is a stocking pieced from your stash of scraps.  The class is with Pam and should be lots of fun, so get signed up and gather your stash.
The Starry Night tablerunner class is fast approaching as well.  This is a class I'm teaching and surprise, surprise, you will need a special ruler for the project.  Sign up early so we can get the right number of rulers.  It would be pretty in all sorts of colors, although the model features some Christmas fabrics.
Enjoy the sunshine and see you soon.

Hello All,                                 June 21, 2015
Happy Father's Day! A great day to reflect on how much we love our Dads and all they've done for us. Also, a good day to say thanks to our husbands for pretending to ignore the amount of fabric stash we're hoarding.  Aside from the occasional remarks about living in the Stitching Nook south, I have to say Sweetie Petie is really good at this.  That and the fact that he never really did kill the kids, although it was sometimes discussed, LOL.
Tomorrow begins the Row by Row H2O Experience.  There are participating shops all over the United States and Canada.  Just stop in a store and collect your free pattern or purchase a kit.  Put your rows together and form a quilt and you will be eligible for a prize.  Stop at the Nook for details on this fun event.  You have until Sept. 8th to collect your rows!  All stores will also have fun license plates you can collect.  Road Trip!
Don't forget Pat Knoechel will be here on Tues.  She will be at the New Holiday Inn from 1-3.  We do need to know very soon if you're planning to attend.  We have to let the Holiday Inn know numbers right away.
Have a great week and happy stitching!

Hello All,                                 June 1, 2015
June is bustin out all over!  Of course who would think that you would need a winter coat to go outside!  Anyway, we have lots of exciting stuff going on.
We will be hosting a trunk show from "Sew Michelle" all through the month.  This is a newer purse and tote company that has lots of fun ideas and uses some interesting materials ( such as pet screen) for the bags.  Come check it out.
You could see them during the Shop Hop which starts on June 12th and runs through June 20th, or you could see them when you stop in to collect your pattern or kit for Row by Row H20 which begins on the 22nd.  Failing that, you could also see them when you come to see Pat Knoechel on June 23rd.  Did I mention that June was going to be a busy month?!
Christmas fobrics are beginning to arrive and new models will be going up soon.  We have some new models from other lines to put up and for the shop hop as well.  How can you stay away?
Have a great weeki,

Hello All,                                 May 17, 2015
Hope you all  had a great Mother's Day weekend.  My cats were extra affectionate.  Just kidding, we have great kids.
I don't have a lot to share except that we have lots of news fabric arriving.  New models are coming in also.  Come see us and get inspired.
 Diana has made a really neat wallet from a pattern called the Diva Wallet.  It has some interesting hardware and comes with a template. There's a class on it this summer.
Speaking of purses, we have a trunk show coming for the month of June.  It's from Sew Michelle and she has some nice purses, totes and well thought-out accessories.  Stop in and see them.
Hope you have a great week, and take some time out from gardening to do a little sewing.  For my part, I take a little time from sewing to garden (and do housework)!

Hello All,                                 May 3, 2015
Dare I say it? I thimk Summer has arrived!  The tractors are running madly in my neighborhood.  The trees and flowers are just beautiful.  Sweetie Petie took me for a little jaunt last night, and we saw a whole hillside of trillium!  Of course, mosquitoes and ticks can't be far behind, so take your pleasures while you can...
All the models for summer classes are up and ready to be seen.  I think you're going to like the selection.  We are taking sign-ups and the schedule is available on-line and in hard copy.  
We always have gift certificates available and we are great at helping husband and kids choose Mother's Day gifts, so be sure to send them our way.  Gift certificates can be used for class fees and supplies as well.  We also have some great used embroidery machines that would love a new Mom!
Hope you have a great week,

Hello All,                                 April 26, 2015
Spring seems to be creeping along. One of these days, I'll get to start complaining about the heat and humidity.  As ever,  I'm just thankful to avoid severe storms.
The hard copies of the newsletter are at the store and they are on-line.  Be sure to check up on the classes for the upcoming months.  As always, sign-up early to hold your place.
New fabric has been arriving almost daily.  Just Fri. we got in a line of batik-like fabrics called "Callypso".  Beautiful turquoises, aquas and light greens! There's even a pattern using them that is a quilt of stars.  My favorite things. This is almost the perfect storm.
Holiday fabrics are coming in as well, and even some really cute kid's fabrics. Don't forget that we have a bolt of "Avengers" fabric with all the favorite characters featured.  I'm partial to Ironman, myself..... Anyway, these would all make great pillowcases.  We have a cute cartoonish pig fabric as well.  Probably couldn't make a silk purse out of it, but usuable nonetheless.
I've given you lots of reasons to stop in to see us, so no excuses!  Come in and say "Hi".
TTFN,   Mary

Hi Guys,                                   April 19, 2015
Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggerated! Instead, I have been on an undercover mission studying the nesting habits of the elusive Mongolian Mouse......
Actually, this morning Sweetie Petie and I went for a ride through the woods (lover's lane! woo hoo!) and saw lots of wildflowers.  Love all the different varieties that grow locally.  Dutchman's breeches, dog tooth violet, trilium, may apple  and jack-in-the-pulpit, just to name a few.  Their time is fleeting, so enjoy them while you can!
Anyway, back to reality. The summer newsletter is at the printer and hard copies should be available in a couple of weeks.  We have some neat classes coming up. Some are brand new and others are repeats of old favorites.  If you didn't get to attend the first time around, perhaps you can make it this time.
There is always new fabric to look at and new models have been put up as well.  Spring Market is next month and already new patterns and fabrics are heading our way.  One thing is for sure, quilting will never be boring.
Have a great week and pieceful stitching,

Hi All,                                       February 15, 2015
Gosh, the weather was awful yesterday. Super windy and you could hardly see across the road!  All my bird feeders blew away and so did the tossed out Christmas tree that I have positioned for their cover. That worked well. So, anyway, I determined it was nasty to take care of that little problem and left it for this morning.
 When I staggered out to get my morning tea, I looked out the window and was greeted by a row of hostile faces looking back. Apparently the birds thought the issue was a little more pressing than I did. As any birdlover would do, I immediately nagged Sweetie Petie into going outside to fix the feeders. Hey! those embroidery threads don't change themselves, you know!
After seeing his cold, little nose and hands when he came back in, I decided I should do something nice for him.  I am graciously, therefore, allowing him to take me out to dinner tonight.  You can never be too thoughtful where your spouse is concerned.
Thc Cabin Fever shop hop is in full swing and judging by the last two days, people are feverishly hopping.  There is still plenty of time to get in on the fun. The hop runs through next Sat.
Don't forget, Feb. 28th. The Pajama Sale starts at 7:00 and goodies will abound!  The early bird get the worms and there will be yards and yards of worms!

Hello All,                                   January 25, 2015
Thanks to everyone who made Visit Your Local Quiltshop Day such a success. We certainly enjoyed seeing all of you! Thanks for all the kind words about the new look of the store.  It certainly makes all the work worthwhile.  Little does Sweetie Petie know that he has to come back soon and hang even more quilts.
Several classes will be beginning in February and many of the classes that were not yet finished, will begin again. Be sure to check the schedule online or pick one up from the store. Don't miss out on the fun.
We have several new lines of fabric on the shelves and as I mentioned, more new quilts to see. Be sure to stop in.  The Cabin Fever Shop Hop will begin on Feb.13 and run through the 21st.  It is a Row by Row quilt and we have our model at the store.  Stop in and buy your passport.  The weather is dreary and gas prices are so low, that a road trip and nice lunch out should be a real treat. Not to mention checking out fun shops and doing a little shopping!
Have a great week and pieceful sewing,

Hello All,                                 January 18, 2015
It's been a quiet week at the best little quilt shop in Richmond. We've been tweaking all the renovations and making all the improvements.  We brought lots of new fabric out onto the floor.  New horses and cowboys and some new florals and of course, the new fabric for Pam's Row by Row quilt/class. That fabric has a reproduction feel to it.  Can't wait to see the quilt.
Don't forget that Jan. 24th is Visit your local Quilt Shop Day.  We have lots of fun things planned, and what a good time to check out the way the store has changed and to sign up for new classes!  We're looking forward to seeing you.
We have a pajama sale coming on Sat. Feb. 28th.  Check the webpage and watch for e-mails for details on that.
If you are working on the postcards., be sure to turn them in to us soon.  We have to send them off before the 30th!
TTFN,  Mary

Hello All,                                   January 11, 2015
Wow, have we been busy at the Nook!?  The whole store has been changed around.  Racks are in new positions and we are still in the process of moving what seems to be a million bolts of fabric.  We're at the "Where do you want to put this? I dunno, where would you put it?  I don't know, I'm asking you!" stage.  It's all going to be wonderful!!!
The fabric fairies from Henry Glass have shipped us the new line from Kim Diehl.  It's very pretty!  We're cutting fat quarters and drooling. Be sure to come check it out.  The bolts will have dried off by tomorrow!
Be sure to mark Jan. 28th on your calendar and have your "purtiest" jammies ready for the big Pajama sale. It starts at 7:00 a. m. and there will be some amazing deals.  Just for the record...not personally appearing in jammies.  It's just not a pretty sight. Besides, I always tell Diana I don't have any......
Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day is on Jan. 24th and we will be having demos of new products, door prizes, free quilt patterns and a general good time.  Beat the winter blahs and come visit.
Hope you have a great week and pieceful stitching,

Hello All,                                   January 4, 2015
Happy New Year! And all that jazz.  I have made lots of resolutions....small chance of success.  If, like myself, you have lots of unfinished projects, you need to sign up for our Someday Club, as in "Some day, I'd desperately like to get this finished." Just think, time to yourself, time spent with others who are behind, what could be more fun?  I'd really like to see this become a regular event so be sure to sign up!.
Newsletters are at the store in hard copy and we still have a few pocket calendars left.  Be sure to stop in and pick them up.  We took down Christmas (I know, I was ready!) and put up some fresh new things.  New fabric will be appearing on the shelves shortly.
Be sure to mark Jan. 24th on your calendar for Quilt Shop Appreciation Day.  We will have demos and door prizes. The perfect combination!
Come see us soon, and pieceful stitching!

Hello All,                                   December 28, 2014
We hope you all had a great Christmas.  We have all been sitting around looking at each other in a turkey/trytophan induced stupor.  Now of course, the question of the hour is how many spare-ribs can two guys eat on New Year's Day.  The sauerkraut is a given.
Anyway, back to the Nook!  The newsletter is up on the webpage and hard copies should be in our possession soon.  Lots of cool things are on the horizon.  Check us out online. We scheduled several "Someday" sessions on the calendar, for those of you who have planned to "finish that project someday".  We'll be there to help you if you have any problems and of course, we'll be glad to answer questions.
There are not many classes scheduled in Jan. because we're a little worried about the weather.  By the way, if Union Co. or Wayne Co. schools are closed, we likely will be closed as well. If you're not sure and the weather seems yucky, give us a call before you make the trip.
Have a great New Year and we'll be looking forward to seeing you in 2015. We will be closed on New Year's Eve and on New Year's Day. After that, we have normal (yeah, right..."normal") business hours.
By the way, for those of you who always wonder what my son gives me for Christmas.......a brass knuckles key chain shaped like a bulldog's head. A purple bulldog's head. You can't make this stuff up.
TTFN, Mary

Hello All,                           December 8, 2014
Hope you're all enjoying the Stuff Your Bag this year.  We travel the world looking for wonderful bargains and neat toys for your delight! Well, really we just have a great group of salespeople, but travelling the world sounds like fun.
We are working on the class list for the next quarter and if you have ideas or things you would like to see, be sure to e-mail the store or give us a call.  We don't schedule too heavily in Jan. because of a little issue called snow and it's friend ice.
Keep an eye peeled for information on the Customer Appreciation Party and have a great week getting ready for Christmas.

Hello All,                                   November 30, 2014
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and lots of turkey and pumpkin pie.  We had lots of turkey anyway.  Now it's time to let the holiday madness begin.
Christmas trees are going and houses are being lit. I have to say, I love seeing all the lights as I drive home from work in the dark. They seem so cheery in an otherwise drab time of year!  I'm going to start decorating any day now.......
In the meantime, we are planning our customer appreciation party. News to follow... watch your e-mails.  By the way, Diana is mending and she has put herself on the schedule for the coming week.  Hope she feels up to dealing with us.  
Don't forget that tonight you will get an e-mail for the Stuff Your Bag. Be sure to respond if you want the deal!!  I think everyone deserves a little Christmas for themselves!
New fabric is arriving.  We have some armed services themed fabric from MODA that is really nice.  I have a quilt planned, but a pillowcase is more likely to be done before Christmas. They would be great in a quilt of valor.

Hello All,                                   November 23, 2014
I'm guessing by now, that you've all heard that Diana fell and broke her wrist. :(  She has had surgery and is hopefully on the road to recovery. In the mean time, please bear with us as the inmates try to work out a system for running the asylum.  Seriously, you can't keep a good woman down and I'm hoping she'll be back soon!
In the mean time, please remember that "Stuff Your Bag" begins on Dec. 1st, so read your e-mail every day and see what wonders you'll behold!
We're planning a customer appreciation party in mid-Dec. and details will follow. Again, be watching your e-mails so you don't miss the fun!
Thanksgiving will be here on Thurs. I know, big surprise.  But in all the hub-bub and family duties, don't forget to take some time for yourselves and do remember how thankful we at the Stitching Nook are for all our customers.  We enjoy all of you and all the fun you bring to our lives.
Have a great week and eat lots of goodies!

Hi All,                                       November 16, 2014
Hope you're all enjoying this beautiful snow. Hope you don't have to be anywhere early tomorrow, if the models are correct!
We still have used machines waiting for new homes.  They would love to help you get ready for Christmas or even sew up a few Thanksgiving placemats and napkins.
I've really been enjoying the new Edge-to-edge quilting method by Amelie Scott.  We have her book and her add-on designs.  They make over-all quilting and border quilting totally simple because you do it all in your embroidery hoop!  Of course, having a great used or new Viking embroidery machine would make this much easier and of course, we would be glad to help you with this. Anyway, it's lots of fun and I highly recommend it.
Don't forget to ask for gift certificates this Christmas. We're always happy to help out the husbands and children who don't know what to shop for.
Also, the pocket calendars are here and we are happily giving them to all who want them.  Don't forget to pick yours up.
That will be all today...I need to go watch the snow!
TTFN, Mary

Hello All,                                 November 10, 2014
Don't forget to hug a veteran tomorrow. Some have given all and all have given some.  We owe them so much, and they ask for so little.
It's not too late to make some great gifts for Christmas.  There are lots of quick and cute projects out there.  We'll be glad to steer you in the right direction.
Our class list is winding down, but we have some fun yet to come.  It won't be long until "Stuff Your Bag" begins.  Be sure that you are receiving our e-mails to get these great deals.  We have "Customer Appreciation" coming up as well. Don't miss out on the fun.
That's all for now folks! Have a great week and be sure to get your woolies out and your quilts on the bed.  Looks like the frost will be on the punkin' for sure this weekend!

Hi Guys,                                   November 2, 2014
Hope you all remembered to set your clocks back this Sunday! I love the Fall, but I hate the short days. But it does mean that Christmas is coming and that's a great thing.
Fall Quilt Market is over and our wonderful sales reps are coming to see us with lots of new patterns and fabrics.  One of them was already showing us Fall and Christmas fabric for 2015!  What an optimist!  It's always interesting to see what's new.
Classes are winding down for this session, but fun things will still be happening.  It won't be long until "Stuff your Bag" begins. We always have something to look forward to and new trouble to get into.  Come and see us soon.

Hello All,                                 October 12, 2014
We had a great time at the Greenville Quilt Show! There were lots of really wonderful quilts and it was so much fun to visit with everyone.  Diana won a prize for the best quilt to be displayed by a vendor! Congrats Diana!
 We have limited seating available for the Sue Hausman event on Oct. 20th.  If you are interested in coming, please call the store as soon as possible to secure your seat.  The fee of $50.00 includes your lunch and the event will be held at the new Holiday Inn.  Don't miss out on the fun!
New models are going up. We have a unique dinosaur quilt hanging in the front window. It would make a great gift for a youngster. The colors are beautiful. There are some fall things and new purses. Don't miss it!
Have a great week and enjoy the leaves drifting because we won't like the other drifts later on!

Hi Guys,                                            September 14, 2014
Fall is in the air and it's time to start thinking about all that fun sewing for Christmas and gifts.
Diana is back from Convention and things will be getting back to normal.  I haven't spoken to her yet, but I bet she is coming back  with lots of new ideas and stories.
Don't forget that we are still taking sign-ups for Sue Hausman. Several people have asked if you need to register and the answer is a resonding "YES!"  Diana will have to have a head count for the lunch which is included in your cost.  I think it's going to be a fun, fun day.
The Kim Diehl "Simple Whatnots" club begins this week and we will need to know if you intend to come.  We will have to print instructions and we won't be printing extras.  So please let us know if you are planning to attend.
Have a great week and stop in to see our new models and of course, all the Halloween fabric that we have put out.  It's really cute.

Hidey Ho All,                                    September 7, 2014
It's Viking convention time again, and the "chief"  has had no choice but to leave the "braves" in charge.  Can you hear the manical laughter?  Plots are in the air.  If you're thinking about buying something..anything, now would be a great time!
We've been hanging now models and putting out more and more fabric.  We now have all the Halloween fabric on the floor and Fall will follow shortly.  We have re-ordered the panel for Thru the Woods and it should be in the store in Nov.  That is a more winter than Christmas fabric so it should still be relevent.
Classes are beginning to fill, so if you have your heart set on a certain class or time....get your name on the list.  We are still taking reservations for the Sue Hausman seminar and I think it will be a winner.  She's always entertaining and has lots of ideas.
Have a great week and remember if asked, you know nothing about what's happening at the store this week. Nothing uh huh.
TTFN, Mary

Hi Guys,                                    August 31, 2014
Hope you liked Sweetie Petie's blog last week! He was helping out while Diana, Pam, Lisa and myself went to Toledo to the Open House at Checker.  So much fun! Of course, we got to see new products and fabrics (and rulers!), but we also got to catch up with old friends.  Many of them are fellow Viking dealers and naturallly, quilt shop owners.  It goes without saying that the food was great as well.  What a win-win.
While we were there, we heard a short talk by Edyta Sitar and got to meet her husband.  He's a very nice and I suspect, patient man.  She had many of her quilts there and in person they are even more beautiful than in her books. She had an English paper-pieced one there that has over 1300 hexagons! I asked Mike (husband) if she ever sleeps and he assured me she did, but added that she was extremely organized.  High praise coming from a Navy man.
We also checked out the Row by Row quilts and that sounds like lots of fun. Maybe we'll be doing it next year. We came home with lots of ideas and plans. Now we only require the hours to get it done.  Maybe if I can get Pete started on a sewing machine........
Hope you have a great week. I think all the models are in the store for fall classes, so stop in and take a look.

Hello All,                                   August 24, 2014
This is an 'unofficial' blog from "Sweetie Petey"; Mary is unavailable to blog today as she and the "Nook Girls" are at an open house of one of the Stitching Nook's large distributors today and tomorrow. They are getting all the info on what's up and coming for this fall and in the next year. She'll be so excited when she gets back, telling me all about the neat things she saw and found out. Of course, there'll be some new gadget, notion, and fabric that she's ordered or come home with. Y'all will surely want to visit the store soon so you can hear all about it!
Be sure to visit her blog next week and she'll tell you all about it.
TTFN, Pete (for Mary)

Hello All,                                   August 17, 2014
Fall seems to be in the air. Area schools have started and the weather certainly feels autumnal. The biggest sign that Fall is coming is New Classes on the Website.  Be sure to check them out. I think there are some really interesting things coming up.
I was shopping over the weekend and looking for some comfortable shoes.  The clerk wanted to know if I had a desk job or was on my feet and I was telling her a little about the Nook.  She said she had made a tee-shirt quilt for her boyfriend and that it wasn't very good. I asked if he liked the quilt and she said he loved it, used it all the time and was so touched that she had made it for him.  I told her it sounded to me like she hit that ball out of the park. Well, she was glod he liked it, but really it wasn't perfect.  My point, friends, is that sometimes we worry so much about perfection that we fail to see our projects through the eyes of the recipient.  By all means, try your best. I do. But don't forget to take pleasure in the process and don't step all over someone else's joy in their gift by pointing out all the minor mistakes.  Be happy and proud that they see it for the act of love that it is.  I'm off my soapbox now, but please take joy in the creation.
Now, speaking of imperfection, I went on a 5 mile horseback ride this week. I haven't been on a horse for about 30 years. Trust me, I don't know who was happier when the ride was over--me or the horse.  But ...I'm goin' again because it was amazing! I hope that means you're never too old.
Have fun and come see us soon--no I'm not limping and I can sit down!
TTFN, Mary

Hello All,                                   August 10, 2014
It has been weird animal week at the farm. We have a goldfinch who likes to taunt our retarded cat. I know, not nice. It hangs on the window peering in and when the oh so alert cat finally spots it, the cats leaps into the window to attack. The goldfinch never moves! The cat is banging into the window yowling in frustration and the bird just looks at him pityingly. Ok, I think its pity, it could be that he's really laughing or if I looked closely, extending its middle claw. He only flies away when he's tired of hanging on the screen.
Earlier this summer, I had my back to my sewing room window and I got that "feeling" you get when someone is watching you. I assumed my grandson was sneaking up on me (his favorite pastime and then I have to pretend to faint), but I was wrong. I turned slowly around and there was a beautiful doe just standing there watching me. We looked at each a while and then she just wandered off and out through the field. Makes me glad I live in the country.
Here comes the segue! We have some new and beautiful nature themed fabrics at the store. One has deer in a rural setting as opposed to the woods, and several great bird prints.  We also have a whimsical fox line of goodies.  Be sure to stop in to see them.
Diana is frantically working on the fall schedule, so be sure to check the website for updates and don't forget to sign up for Sue Hausman.  Oct. 20 will be here apace!
TTFN  Mary

Hi All,                                       August 3, 2014
It's August! School is getting ready to start and Christmas is just around the corner.  Stuff is getting real!!  I always think that I need to re-organize in Aug.  Clean up, make an attempt to find the carpet in my sewing room and get ready for the wonderfullness of Fall.
Diana always assists me in these endeavors by insisting on having ideas for classes and the models to go with them. ahem.  I do think we have some interesting and fun things on the docket and you should just keep checking the website for details.
It's not too late to sign up for a day with Sue Hausman at the new Holiday Inn.  Fun, ideas, information and not least, lunch. You can sign up by phone, in person or by e-mailing the store. Herb (her husband) will be with her, so it will be a great day!
The store is festooned with Christmas maodels, so if you need a jump-start, come in and get inspired.  A lot of sweaty little elves have done a lot of sewing and we have some great ideas for you. Gifts, gifts, gifts!
Have a great week, and enjoy the last days of summer.

Hello All,                                   July 27,2014
This week we will slowly be transforming the store into a winter-quasi-wonderland. Now, no complaining that last winter was horrible and that you don't even want to hear the word snow!  You know, that come Dec. you're going to be ready to hear the word Christmas and you're going to have gifter's remorse if you don't have things ready to go.  So, get crackin"!!  We have lots of quickies and a few longies, but they are all wintry and fun. The fun starts on Thurs.--watch for specials!
Just a reminder, that to help you get ready for the onslaught, we have several machines needing new homes that would love to tackle any project you have in mind.  These arrive with a care package that includes free cleaning and new owner's classes. Open your home to a new friend.
So remember, think Christmas, think cool, think gifts and come to see us this week and get excited!!

Hi All,                                       July 20, 2014
What a nice break from the heat this week! The corn is certainly as high as an elephant's eye and Summer is really at it's peak. It stands to reason then, that we are focused on all the Fall and Winter fabrics that are coming into the store!
Along with all the seasonal fabrics, we have a new line of Kim Diehl fabrics which have a reproduction/Thimbleberries/Kansas Troubles feel. We also have fabrics coming from Northcott for a Quilt called North by Northwest that are really different. They are jewel tones with hints of metallic and are textures rather than prints.  As always, beautiful, new batiks are coming every week.
We still have some gently used, house-trained Diamonds and Rubies that are looking for new settings.  They would be great to help with all your holiday sewing. The right tool for the right job you know ( and I'm about loaded with tools--you might even say addicted....) Be sure to check out your next best friend.
We're starting to work on the next schedule, so now is your chance to e-mail the Nook with wonderful ideas for fall/winter classes.
Have a great week and come see us soon.

Hello All,                                   July 6, 2014
Hope you all had a sparkly Fourth of July! We had bonfires and s"mores and watched fireworks.  All the things that John Adams thought would be a great idea! The weather was wonderful as well.
Summer is truly here and so of course, we are getting ready for Christmas.  Don't forget that towards the end of the month we will be having our annual Christmas bash and showing you all the new goodies.
In the meantime, we have gotten in some new batiks that are delectable.  A few bolts of black and white and some with very vibrant colors.  I could see purses for late summer and fall from these.
If you haven't yet jumped on the Frixion pen bandwagon, we have some new colors and styles to choose from. And yes, a couple of new rulers as well.  Life would be worthless without new rulers. I'm thinking of adding on a wing to contain them all. Seriously tho', they do make life easier.
We have several new samples using the edge-to-edge quilting in the embroidery hoop technique that you want to look at and I think we can all help you get started. It's a fun way to do over-all quilting and really brings the embroidery machines ever farther into the quilting realm.
Have a great week and think frosty thoughts!
TTFN, Mary

Hi Guys,                                    June 29, 2014
Lots of fabric has been coming and much of it is Christmas related! We have batiks, panels, and wonderful co-ordinates.  Needless to say the elves are very busy.
We also got a line of Kim Diehl fabrics called Vintage Farmhouse. It will be the basis for the Simple Whatnots Club that will be starting in Sept.  These are small wall hangings and very cute. Certainly different from anything we've done before.
There is a wonderful new book in the store by Amelie Scott. It includes a CD that has ten edge to edge quilting designs in three different sizes  THAT ARE DONE IN YOUR EMBROIDERY HOOP!!!! I know! Diana and I have been playing with it and so far I'm lovin' it and I think Diana is too.  Be sure to check it and the models out next time you're in the store.
Well, I have a new fire pit to ooh and ahh over and a flag pole is also in progress, so I'm hoping you have a great week and that your July 4th preparations are also going well. S'mores anyone?

Hi Guys,                                    June 8, 2014
Well, I hope you all are in the mood for Christmas because lots of neat fabric has been arriving. The elves are going to be busy in the next few weeks.  Some projects are already underway!
We've gotten several new embroideries into the store.  We have new cards, mug mats and a great new book that shows you how to quilt in the hoop.  It includes several designs so that you can do pantograms.  New ideas arrive every day!
We also got a new darning foot that is a closed ring.  Hard to describe, but fun to use. I tried it out when we were at Sewfest and I think it's a winner.  I plan to do more investigation in the near future....
Don't forget that the Shop Hop is coming soon and we still have passports and charms. It's a different format than in years past, but I think you'll enjoy it. You'll see lots of ideas for kitchen themed  Christmas gifts and you'll be able to get the jump on your Christmas sewing--maybe.
Come see us soon,
TTFN  Mary

Hi Guys,                                    June 1, 2014
Summer has arrived. We've grilled out, camped out (the younger generation), camp fires and s'mores. I'm ready for fall now.
Christmas fabric is arriving and models are being made--all in anticipation of the big Christmas blow-out later this summer. Lots of new and neat, as in "cool,baby" stuff.  Patterns and fabric are fresh and different.
Different, you say, we have a new thread in neutral colors. It's Aurifil 50wt. 100% cotton and I love, love, love it.  The rest of crew likes it too.  It's wonderful to piece with. Thin and yet sturdy and doesn't add bulk to your seams. Try it--you'll like it!  It's an Italian job.
Don't forget the Shop Hop begins soon. Go to our webpage or contact the store for all the details.
Have a pieceful week,
Hi Guys,                                    May 25, 2014
Happy Memorial Day-the beginning of summer and sun and outdoor fun.  But let's never forget the men and women who served  and serve our country.  Some gave all and all gave some. Summer in Indiana wouldn't be the same without their sacrifice. They are the point of the spear in keeping us safe.
We have gotten a really nice panel from Northcott that is very patriotic. It shows a waving flag with fireworks bursting around it. This panel is designed to have lights placed on it similar to the Christmas tree from last year.  Diana has one made up and it is really pretty! The kits are available now.
Don't forget to sign up for Pat Knoechel's visit. She will be here on the 24th of June and has lots of goodies to show us.  Can't wait to see what's new this year!
The Stars Over Indiana shop hop will be starting soon. Passports are available at the store and you get a cute cupcake charm with your passport.  A roadtrip and maybe (absolutely) a fun lunch out! What's not to like? Besides, there are prizes available.
Have a great weekend and hope the summer is warm and wonderful.
TTFN, Mary

Hi Guys,                                    Sunday, May 18, 2014
Hope you all had a lovely, dry, sunny Sunday.  Gosh, it was a pretty day!
Quilt Market is going on as we speak and lots of wonderful things will be arriving at the store over the next few weeks/months. No, we didn't go, but a dedicated band of salespeople are making appointments and beating a path to the door.  Love it, love it!
This week we changed models at the store and hung lots of new things. Sweetie Petie wore his little legs out doing the ladder thing. So stop in and see what's new.
We got several lucious batiks this week and a new line of solids that is made from American cotton and dyed in America.  They are quite nice and the colors are very clear.  Oh, I love the smell of fabric in the morning!!.
We are taking names for Pat Knoechel's visit.  She will be here on the 24th of June.  Give us a call and get your name on the list. Spaces are going fast.
On a related note, classes for summer are forming--so don't forget to sign up.  This Sat., the 24th, will be a demo day at the store and we will be showing how to use lots of rulers and other gadgets necessary to life on the planet Earth. At least, the part of it that quilters inhabit!
Come see us soon,

Hi Guys,                                    May 4, 2014
Hope you all had a great Easter! By the way, if you have leftover "Peeps", you should take two of them and stick a toothpick in each one's wing. Put them in the microwave and as they are blowing up toward the looks mildly like they are fencing!  I know.  Entertainment can be so cheap!
The newsletters are at the store and on the web! Lots of great classes are available to liven up your summer and keep things exciting.
We have laddered, we have leaned, clung precariously, pulled muscles, and jabbed our fingers with tacks, but... drumroll... The models are HUNG!! Seriously, we have changed the store around and lots of new models are on the walls and there are class models everywhere!  Please stop in and see what's new!
In the category of what's new, we have some really pretty batik jelly rolls and lots of new batiks on the bolt.  Mouthwateringly, lucious, delightful batiks to make..Oh, whatever you can imagine!!
Ditch the yard work for a few hours and come spend some quality time with us.  We'll make you laugh if nothing else!

Hi Guys!                                     April 13, 2014
Tomorrow, April 14th, begins our Save the Tax Sale!  Purchase any embroidery/sewing machine or serger Monday thru Sat. and we'll pay the tax!  All machines, including many used ones, are included.  Seriously, a great time to acquire that machine you've been dreaming of.  Remember, it's always easier to seek forgiveness than permission....
The newsletter is at the printers' and I forsee many fun classes in your future.  You should be able to check it out on-line any day now.
New fabric continues to come in and several bolts have gone to the sale rack in an effort to make room for the new. We've gotten a whole shipment of lucious batiks and many more to come. After all, you can't spend all your time in the yard.  Not for a couple of weeks yet anyway.
Have a great week and I hope we see you at the sale!

Hi All,                                        April 6, 2014
My gosh, it's starting to look like we may have a summer after all! We have some great new summery fabrics at the store now.  Bloom Modern came in this week and of course there is more to follow.
In Spring a young man's thoughts oft turn lightly to love, but I think a woman's often turns to new sewing machines! Especially ones that are named after gems! There are some really nice, tame and loving machines that are looking for new homes.  They've been freshly groomed and are waiting for a forever home!  Come check them out.
Diana is feverishly working on the new schedule and hopes to start putting it up on the web page by next weekend.  Be sure to look at what's new and begin planning your summer class list.  We try to have something for everyone.
See you soon,
TTFN, Mary

Hi Guys,                                    March 30, 2014
Be sure to check your e-mails and/or Facebook tomorrow for some exciting news about April 1st.  No foolin! It's stuff you want to know.
We're starting work on the next schedule of classes and as always, we welcome your input.  Looks like some exciting things in the offing.  Right now is an exciting time to be a quilter and embroiderer.  There are so many new things to try and to learn. I love it!
Lots of new fabrics are on the order sheet and should be arriving regularly.  We have some really pretty, springy ones already in stock.  The way the weather has been behaving, it's always best to have a project ready to go.
Hope you have a great week and we're looking forward to seeing you.

Hi Guys,                                    March 23, 2014
Diana and I are back from our whirlwind, hardworking weekend at SewFest in Indy! Did you know there is a vodka called Indiana and you can get it in several flavors? I digress.  We came back chock full of new ideas and I think you're going to love them.
We were  introduced to two new machines that will enter the line. One is a new Opal 690 and it has the wonderful automated presser foot lift and scissors!!  We sewed on it and it was spiffy!  There will be a new Topaz 25  and it will embroider and sew and will have an exciting price point for the person who wants to get their feet wet with embroidery.  It too was a great machine.
There will be a new spring-action stippling foot on the horizon. It features a closed hole instead of the half-circle we're used to and the foot seems to sit on the fabric a little better.  We sewed with that as well and I liked it.  I was pretty sure I wouldn't, but wrong again.
Spring is on the way, I feel certain (hopeful). We have lots of new things planned and lots of great fabric on the way! Stop in to see us soon.

Hello All,                                   March 16, 2014
Can it be that the end of Winter is approaching?! I think flowers are on the horizon!  We certainly have some really fresh and springy fabrics arriving at the store.  In fact, we have lots of new things coming in.  Pam is finishing a new "Wonky" log cabin from Eleanor Burns and it's really neat.  I'm feverishly working on the new Hoopsisters quilt called Jacobean Journey and Diana has been in pillow mode.  We have hung some great "modern" quilts as well.  If you haven't been in for a while, come check us out.
We have lots of used embroidery machines that need a new home.  They have been vetted and they play well with others. They're even housebroken! Come in and see which one wants to be your forever friend.  Seriously, I can't imagine what I would have done without my machine this year.  What a stress-buster sewing is.
There are a few slots left to see our embroidery educator on the 25th.  Be sure to call soon to reserve your spot.  I know I'm looking forward to it!  Call the store for details.
Happy sewing and think Irish,
TTFN  Mary

Hi Guys,                                    Sunday, February 9, 2014
I know we're all tired of the snow, but it was beautiful outside today and the temps were actually do-able. Having said that, I didn't stick my nose outside all day.  I did supervise some honey-do jobs that took place on the exterior of the home however.
I hope you're all getting a lot of sewing done while you're stuck inside.  The nookies have gotten several things done and Lady Di has really been on a roll.  She's not only getting things done, she's being very creative!  We're sad to have been closed so often, but at least we're being productive.
If you're tired of being cooped-up, don't forget the Cabin Fever Shop Hop that is starting on Fri. the 14th.  Give yourself a treat and hit the road for a little adventure and a great time.
Classes are getting back on schedule and we're looking forward to seeing everyone.  Be sure to show us all those finished projects you've gotten done.
Have a great week and Spring is coming....
TTFN Mary 

Hello All,                                   Sunday, January 19, 2014
It's been a great week at the Nook.  We only had to leave early one night this week!  I think we're starting to get a handle on the white stuff.  The cold not so much!  Makes quilting seem more like a neccessity than an addiction.  Well, opinions vary about that around my house...
Next Sat. is Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day.  Like you (or I) need an excuse.  Stop in anytime during the day for demos on new products, and/or sign up to participate in the "Circle Attachment" Challenge.  There will be specials on fabric and random door prize drawings throughout the day.  Fun, fun, fun!  Be there or be Square! 
You can buy passports for the Cabin Fever shop hop now.  A great time of year to get out of your cabin and feverishly add to your stash.  That way, if you're stuck in your cabin by a late season storm, you'll have lots of fun things to work on.  Not only that, but lunch and maybe supper out, as well.  Don't forget that O'Charley's has free pie on Wed.  Just sayin'.  You know they are right across the parking lot....
Hope to see you soon,

Hello  All,                      Sunday, January 12, 2014
Hope you've all recovered from last week's cabin fever. It sure felt good to go back to work again.  It's not a bad thing to talk to your cats, but when you begin to expect an answer, well.....
We've all been sewing madly. As you can see from Facebook, new things have been completed and older projects have been finished. Hope you've all done the same.  We have lots of great classes coming up and we are working on the next round's models as we speak. Thank God for deadlines!
Put Visit Your Local Quilt Shop Day on your calendar.  It's Jan. 25th and much fun will be happening. You won't want to miss it. Also, the Cabin Fever Shop Hop begins Feb. 14th-22nd.  I smell a road-trip and lunch "out" with friends. Nice way to break up an historically dreary month. Check the website for more details.
All the new classes and descriptions are up on the website and you can stop in to pick up a hard copy of the newsletter anytime. We'll be glad to answer any questions about the classes too.
See ya soon,

Hello All,                                   January 5, 2014
Happy New Year and I hope you all survived the holidays.  I think this time of year can result in what I call the holiday humdrums. All the anticipation, fellowship, and visiting is over and it"s back to life as usual.
We can cheer you up! We have lots of great classes starting and lots of fun things planned. We got together yesterday and changed the store around with lots of new models, class models and just a fresh new look. Now if Mother Nature co-operates, we'll be back to business as usual. If you have doubts about the weather or whether (ha ha) we're open, just give us a call before you come or check our Facebook page. Remember, we all live in the country and are at least 30 min. away on good weather days.
The new flyers are back from the printers and we still have a few 2014 calendars to give away.  Stop in to pick one up and see all the "new".
See ya soon and TTFN,

Hi Guys,                                    December 15, 2013
Ten days til the fat man slides down the chimney. Are ya ready!?! No, I'm not. I mean seriously, could we have an extension. Pay the estimated gift amount and do the actual work in say, March? Probably just best to get it over with. Oh, I mean, enjoy it now.
The bags are stuffed and ready to be picked up. The weather has not been co-operative, but they are there for you. Hope you enjoy all your goodies.
The new class list is at the printers and I'm sure will be online shortly. I think there are some fun things and of course lots of them will help you hone your skills. Be sure to check them out.
This year, we are again doing gift certificate bonuses. For every $25.00 you spend, you get a bonus $5.00. Send in the family, because gift certificates are always in style, and always the right size.  They can be used on classes as well.
We are also giving away our pocket calendars again this year. These are great because they come with a pen and enough room to actually write your appt. in the space.  I'm telling you, the Nook is the place to be.
Come see us soon,
TTFN  Mary

Hello All,                                   November 24, 2013
Turkey Day is fast approaching and I must say that all of us at the Stitiching Nook number our great customers as one the things we are thankful for, for which we are thankful (can't end on a preposition you know). Anyway, we hope you have a great day, lots of turkey and/or ham and no nightmares about Black Friday.  We will be open on Friday, if you need to escape the madness and breathe in the soothing fragrance of cotton fabric.
Tonight, Sun., begins our 12 days of Christmas and you need to check your e-mails to respond.  It's always fun and we'll have lots of extras to round out your stuffed stockings.  I think you'll like the choices.
We are all working on the upcoming schedule, so be watching the website for posts.  It's too cold to do much outside and sewing usually trumps working outside anyway.
Anyway, come see us soon, and watch for the new things. I'm off to make a pot of soup and eat a slice of pie!
Happy Days and thanks for always being there.

Hi Guys,                                    November 10, 2013
This is a slow news week for the Stitching Nook, so I'll be brief.  We still have a few classes going on, but I admit they're slowing down in anticipation of everyone's busy holiday schedule.  If any of you are behind with your Spring Bouquet sewing, we have a couple of sew-in days coming up. Just let us know you will be there and we'll set up machines for you. There is no class fee for these days.
We're trying to get our ideas in order (do you know how hard that is?) for the next schedule.  If there is anything you are panting to have on it, please let us know.
As always, we have lots of gift ideas and homemade is always best. 
By the way, take time to hug/kiss a veteran this week. They risked and sometimes gave all for our safety. God bless them all.
See ya soon and TTFN Mary

Hi Guys,                                    November 3, 2013
Hope you all remembered to set your clocks back on Sat. night or Sun. morning.  A sure sign that winter is coming. That and Starbucks is using holiday cups and featuring Peppermint mochas. The only coffee drink I actually enjoy.  Many af my friends were trying to decide what to do with that extra hour last night. Several were going to knit or read, a few were going to quilt, I unashamedly and unabashedly slept an extra hour.  That hour was a pure gift and no way was I going to waste it by staying awake! Anyway, I was tarrred from helping change the store around.
Speaking of changing the store around, we have all worked hard this last week (including Sweetie Petie) moving models, marking down fabric, and generally doing a Fall housecleaning. We doubled our sale rack space, so stop in and take a look. It's not perfect yet, but it's worth stopping for a look.
This coming weekend, we will be having a fall model sale and that means that all the employees will be going through their stacks of stuff and sellling the things that we no longer have fabric for or things that they can live without.  I know my house is just about full and somethin's gotta give.  Stop in and check it out.  You might find someone's perfect handmade Christmas gift.
See ya soon,

Hi Guys,                                   October 27, 2013
Zombie Apocalypse or not, Halloween is around the corner and we still have cute fabrics that would make great pillowcase treats or a quick trick-or-treat bag.
Now, if the Christmas carols are loaded in the CD player ready to play, we have lots of Christmas machine embroideries and projects from which to choose.  Many of these are quick and fun.  By the way,  have I mentioned that we have some beautiful, pre-loved Diamonds and Rubies that long to go to their forever homes?  There, I've solved your machine for you, lots of homemade gifts for family and friends!  Got my elf mojo workin'!
Quilt Market has been going on this weekend and all our fabric reps and salespeople are frantically scheduling appointments to see Diana.  I'm sure new and wonderful things will be arriving soon!  I've seen a few sneak peeks and I've got the Ben-Gay ready for my knees --you know--for when they're stiff from my begging! 
Have a great week and eat a couple of Pay-Days for me...

Hello All,                                   October 20, 2013
It is certainly getting to be quilt weather again!  I keep hearing the "s" word for next week. Flurries and such, but that makes me think winter not fall.  Hope fall isn't cut short since that's my favorite season. After all, it's the only time broom riding is really acceptable...
While you're planning all the quilts you'll make this winter (especially if it's a crappy snowy one), you might want to think about upgrading your sewing machine.  We have lots of Diamonds and Diamond Deluxes that have been pre-loved and housebroken. Diamonds are a girl's best friend!! I have trouble picturing Marilyn quilting though. She'd probably squeeze a queen-size mattress into a twin-size quilt. Seriously, though, we have good used Ruby, Diamond and Diamond Deluxe machines with few hours on them and they do come with all the usual perks. So, talk to your "Daddy" and put one under the tree. We'll talk trades on what you have now.
Hope you all have a great week and hope you have time to visit us.

Hey Dudes,                               October 13, 2013
I won't frighten you by mentioning exactly how many weeks it is until Christmas. Suffice it to say, " It grows ever closer!".  Certainly its time to start planning (and making) those wonderful home-made, one of a kind gifts.  We have great ideas to help you out!  The always popular pillowcase, moldable bowls, placemats and tablerunners, and so on. Really, placemats couldn't be simpler with the new fusible forms. Even I can make them! So slip on those pointy elf-shoes and let's get crackin" By the way, those shoes could also do double duty on Halloween. Just sayin'. You gotta be careful where those pointy toes are pointed when you're on your broom tho. Don't ask....
Our paper piecing workshop is coming up and we'd love to help you learn this great technique.  Our instructor is certified, not certifiable, but certiFIED by Judy Niemeyer and is a great teacher. She survived Diana and I, so that should tell you something. I never liked paper piecing before, but right now I'm really trying to get caught up so I can start a project that I've been drooling over. The idea of catching up is probably futile, so I'll just start a new project. Captain of my fate and all that.  Anyway, come join us, it's going to be lots of fun.
Have a great week and enjoy the autumnal season.  I love the colors and I love being able to see long distances as the crops come down.  Until next time,
TTFN (ta-ta for now)  Mary

Hello All,                                  October 6, 2013
Colder temps are on the way and soon the lawns and gardens will be hibernating until Spring.  It's time to start "falling" in love with quilting again! We have lots of great classes and projects to tempt your sewing skills.
Sue Wilson from Quiltworx will be with us for a two day seminar on Oct. 22 and 23.  I met her at a seminar last Jan. and she is a great teacher. And really, who hasn't had piecer's envy after looking at those wonderful Judy Niemeyer quilts?  This would be a great opportunity to get your feet wet and try out this fascinating technique. I never enjoyed paper piecing until I did it their way.
We have some wonderful used Diamonds coming into the store now, as lucky people are picking up their new Diamond Royales. These machines are in mint condition and long for new loving homes. After all, everyone wants to feel needed.
Don't forget, there is a great quilt show in Greenville, OH. on the 11th and 12th. There are always beautiful quilts., good food and lots of vendors.  Yes, of course we'll be there.  Give yourself a treat and come and visit.
Have a great week and TTFN

Hello All,                                   September 8, 2013
I know many of you wonder how I fill the empty hours when I'm not at the Nook. We'll look at this morning as an example. I was barely awake when every critter on the place let us know that we had "intruders!!"  Baaing, barking, neighing and of course, kitty screeching sent us running to the window.  Two, sad-eyed coon dogs had wandered into the yard and were looking for a handout. Being coon dogs, they immediately treed every cat on the farm and were baying their little hungry hearts out.  Imagine their surprise when I threw water at them because they wouldn't shut up. Further surprise ensued when they tried to tree the sixteen year old queen of the cats. Coon dogs can back up pretty fast. Do I need to say bedlam. My son arrived on the scene and told me he hoped I wasn't planning to keep them. Really..... I blame his dad for the stupid gene. We finally manhandled them into a box stall in the barn and my daughter-in-law tracked down the owners. In the meantime, my grandson came over (4) and announced he was ready for iced tea (freshly brewed of course, he won't drink pre-made) and did I have anything to eat. Grandma after all, is still Grandma and by the way, if I'd just sit down, he'd watch Spongebob Squarepants while he enjoyed his beverage from the comfort of a soft lap.
Long story short, dogs went home, cats chilled out, horses and goats went back to the woods, kids went home, and we got groceries, did laundry and cooked. Oh yeah, I got an hour to sew. Dear God, I can't wait to go back to work!!

Hello All,                                   September 1, 2013
The classes are on the web site and the hard copies should be available soon.  They are at the printers. Take hope, we should have them soon.
Those of you in Feathered Star classes need to note that classes are earlier in the month of Sept.  Diana and I have lots going on and things had to be re-arranged.  Oh what fun!!
Classes will be interesting this fall.  Pam has a new mystery quilt beginning in Nov. I don't know anything about it because It's a Mystery.  Many of you asked for classes based on the Stars Over Indiana shop hop quilt this year. It begins in Oct. You will need patterns and your background fabric before we start. Be sure to get signed up for all the classes you're interested in taking well in advance.  If we don't see sign-ups we tend to cancel classes to free-up the schedule.  We have a "hexie" class on the schedule this time and lots of other fun things, be sure to check it out.
That's all for this week gang.  Check out the class models at the store and we'll hope to see you soon.

Hello All,                                   August 25, 2013
The frost is not yet on the pumpkin, but the fall schedule is (mostly) up on the web and the printers will have the hard copy this week.  Lots of fun classes in the works, with a few new rulers to buy and a lot of new ideas to look forward to.
We had a great open house at Checker in Toledo last weekend. Aside from all the great employees there to help out, we saw Sue Hausmann! She was her usual charming self and I think (spoiler alert) she maaayyy be coming to us next fall!!!!! We always come home with lots of new ideas and new information.  It's nice to be able to talk to the people who design the patterns and ask them questions and understand their techniques a little better.  Need I tell you I found a couple of new rulers?! Can't wait to use them!! I also found some new patterns to use the rulers we already have. Oh frabjous day!!
I'm sure most of you know there is a new Diamond Royale coming soon and you can pre-order in the next couple of weeks. You get lots of goodies if you do. No, I don't know all the new things about it, because they don't tell us in advance.  But, as you know, I'm going to have one. The "come hell or high water" was implied. There are some tantalizing hints on the web-page.  Of coure there will be some great trade-ins to look forward to as well.
Have a great week and come see us soon,

Seasons Greetings All,            August 11, 2013
Hot, humid, muggy Aug. weather.  Freezing corn, canning tomatoes, making pickles and still mowing the lawn.  Of course, this all brings Christmas to mind! Not.  However, take a break from summer this approaching weekend and come to see all the Christmas we've been working on at the Nook!  Think cool thoughts and remember that it is time to begin thinking about Christmas gifts and home decorating and all things non-garden and lawn.
All 2013 Christmas and Fall fabrics will be discounted 10%. Older, but still beautiful Christmas and Fall fabrics will be discounted 30%.  More good news - everyone, yes, I said everyone, who makes a purchase will receive a free gift.  I'm going out on a limb here, but I also think Door Prizes are a distinct possibility. (Fact) 
We have a lot of great ideas for the season and lots of patterns and books. There is even a really cute and new Art to Heart Christmas/winter book. So be sure to come in on Fri. and Sat. to check it out.  By the way, I do mean Fri. or Sat. because our favorite long and tall model hanger, (Sweetie Petie) isn't available to put the models up until Thurs. evening!
Hope to see you over the weekend, and yes, I'm back to work finally. Thanks for all your good thoughts.

Allo, Allo, mes amis,               July 28, 2013
We got a great line of fabric from MODA this week and its called Chez Moi.  It's really pretty and the colors are nice and clear.  We have pictures of the fabric and a new quilt on our facebook page.  Take a look!. We even have a few pre-cuts.
We have also put some of the new Fall fabrics out on the floor and we have some beauties this year.  Really exceptional leaves and a panel that makes all kinds of projects.  Halloween is on the floor as well and it is just too cute.  If you're into pillowcases or trick-or-treat bags, you need to come and take a look.  They're not scary, but sure are cute!  Time to start planning, it's almost Aug. after all.
We're hard at work on our fall schedule and hopefully you'll be seeing the fruits of our labor later in Aug.  You know, after the obligatory flogging by Diana to get us in class mode instead of summer vacay mode.  It's hard to be the Queen.
TTFN  Mary

Hi Guys,                                    July 21, 2013
The schedule is slowly drawing to a close, but there are still some great classes coming up to wile away the hot summer days.  Paper piecing is coming up and it will be the Cappucino place mat.  This class would be a great way to see if you like the Judy Niemayer method of paper piecing. Which is Fabuloussss!! It is on Wed. July 24th or Sat. 27th.
Free-motion quilting is also on the list for Sat. Aug. 24th.  A great way to  learn to quilt all those tops you have hidden about and make them into full-fledged quilts.
Christmas Peace is a six-month class and you will have a beautiful Christmas quilt. It is easy to piece and will be kitted in three sections. This begins on July 30th.
Layer Cake charm quilt is a new way to use up layer cakes and charms. Check your stash or start with something new and quickly stitch up a Christmas gift or something special just for you!  This class is on July 25th and Aug. 8th.
Go to our website or call the store for details on any or all of these classes.  We'll be glad to take your sign-up over the phone. Hope to see you soon.
TTFN  Mary

Hello Fellow Earthlings,              Julu 14,2013
Now that the first official heat wave is beginning, I feel compelled to share with you that Christmas fabric is coming in hand over fist.  We are valiently making models and reveling in our inner elfhood. Later in Aug., we will be showing off all our goodies and you will either be there or be square!  Watch for details.
We have some great new designs for Christmas from Anita Goodesign.  There are new Christmas mylar designs and primitives and rosemaling and a new mix and match that is to die for.  Come check them out.
Even though our current schedule will draw to a close next month, we still have some great classes coming up. Be sure to check these out on our web-site. There is a free-motion quilting class on the list in Aug.  I mention this because several of you have asked about it.  Great time to learn before starting your next masterpiece!
Have a great week and we'll see you soon.

Hi Guys,                                    June 23, 2013
Hope you all remembered to look at that beautiful moon last night.  Reminded me of the movie "Moonstruck"--without any of the craziness.  At least at my house.  We have a bean field across the road this year and that big moon with all the lightingbugs coming up from the beans was truly wonderful.
The store got a whole assortment of new Shadow Plays this week.  Lots (I mean lots) of new colors and they are really nice.  If you need a tonal solid we can sure fix you up.
Christmas fabric is starting to arrive and even a few models.  Diana is working on one that is unlike anything we have had before and it is really cute.  That's all I'm going to say for now.  We haven't forgotten you cardinal lovers either.  Some beautiful bird fabric for both fall and Christmas has been arriving.  So much fabric---so little time!
It's not too late to sign up for Pat from Quilt in a Day!  We'll assemble at the Quality Inn (old Holiday Inn) and the admission fee is only $5.00. This fee can be taken off a $20.00 purchase at the store in the next 30 days.  We always have a good time at the event and it's always great to see Pat. Come join the fun!

Hi Guys,                                    June 9, 2013
Hope you're all enjoying the Stars Over Indiana Shop Hop.  It's a little early this year, but the quilts are just gorgeous and I know you'll all want the patterns.  Great prizes for the lucky ones whose names are drawn at the end. 
We're still taking names for the Quilt In A Day seminar on June 25th.  Eleanor has a new book and several new patterns on the market and I'm sure Pat will be showing them all to us.  Always such a fun day. Pat has been coming to see us each year for about 20 years now.  Time flies when you're having fun!
Christmas fabrics are beginning to arrive and we are cutting kits for the new Christmas BOM (that's block of the month, not the thing that goes BOOM).  It's fun to make and the fabric comes in three batches which helps with the cost.  We're taking sign-ups on this as well.  The new Holly Taylor line from MODA is also in, and we have two patterns that use the fabrics.  Need I say, both are cute.
My machine is calling, so I must get stitching!  There are a million things I'd like to make right now.  Have a great week and don't forget to stop in and say "Hi". We've changed some models around and have some neat stuff in the window.

Hello All,                                   June 2, 2013
June is bustin' out all over! I never knew if they meant the month or a woman whose bra didn't fit properly, but nonetheless, it's here!
The Stars Over Indiana shop hop starts on Fri. the 7th and runs through the 15th.  Our outstandingly, gorgeous, fabulously executed version of the quilt is hanging in the front window.  Lynsey did her usual wonderful job and it just looks great.  Of course, being made from batiks (my all time favorite fabric) didn't lower it in my opinion.  A hop, a road trip, lets go!
Linda Holmes will be here on Tues. and Wed. of this week working her software magic.  She will wave a wand and we will all know everything there is to know about our software. At the same time, birds will belt out the national anthem and monkeys will fly out of my pants. OK, that won't happen, (well, maybe the monkeys part), but I can guarantee that you'll learn a lot.  Linda is a great teacher and we're all looking forward to the seminar.  I think there are a couple of seats left. Call the Nook for details.
Have a great week, and sew,sew,sew!

Hi Guys!                                    May 19, 2013
First of all, I want to make sure you have our Memorial Day weekend schedule. Yes, it is upon us and the door to Summer is officially open. Let white slacks and sandals abound! The ticks and mosquitoes are going to show up invited or not. Anyway, we will be open our regular hours on Sat. May 25th, but will be closed on May 27th to honor all our servicemen and women. What they have given to keep us safe is incalculable.
The Stars Over Indiana shop hop begins on June 7th and gallops through the 15th. Charms, and the passports that go with them, are on sale now.  The quilts are beautiful and a road trip sounds great right about now. Lunch on the road and supper in the crock pot and inspiration everywhere! Not to mention all the prizes you are eligible to win.
There's still time to register for the Linda Holmes softwear seminar.  If you have purchased software and you're not sure why or what to do with it, this is your opportunity to learn. This really is a great opportunity for you and it won't be happining again in the near future, so be sure to take advantage of it.
Have a great week and keep on stitching.

Hi Guys,                                    May 5, 2013
It's Spring when a young man's thoughts turn lightly to thoughts of love and buying his mother a wonderful gift for Mother's Day. Yeah, right. Anyway, its a mother's duty to steer her loved ones down the right path and of course, that path leads to the Stitching Nook!  We have gift bags already prepared and gift certificates are always a great fit.  We don't bite husbands or sons and are always happy to help.
Classes continue to form and most of our models are now on the walls.  Pam has a couple of great, easy and fast classes coming up and the model for Christmas Peace is up.  There is a new purse class on May 14th, and it would be a good class for the beginning purse maker.   Quick Easy Placemats would be a good class for the beginning quilter and perhaps get you a head start on gift making. Besides, its fun!
We are taking reservations for Pat Knoechel.  She'll be here on June 25th which is a Tuesday. It will be held at the Quality Inn and the fee is $5.00.  We're going to give you a voucher at the door for $5.00 off a $20.00 in-store purchase, so you will be essentially entertained free. 
Have a great week and stop in to say "Hi" and remember, we always love to see your "show and tells".

Hello All,                                   April 28, 2013
April showers bring May flowers and I'm ready for some. Flowers, I mean.
We have new fabrics in the Nook. A new MODA winter collection from Primitive Gatherings.  Little prints in whites, navies and creams. To be honest, the whites and creams look like the dog's been at them..if you know what I mean-wink, wink, nod, nod. And a woodsy, outdoorsy collection which would make a great guy quilt or a great tomboy quilt, since I really like them as well.  I'll be putting them up on Facebook.  Oh, patterns to go with, of course.
Some new models are up and most of the class models are on the walls, except for one or two that aren't quite done yet. Just how long can I blame Diana's vacation for my procrastination?  We'll test to find out.... Do ya like fireworks?
Don't forget that the Stars Over Indiana shop hop is in June this year. June 7th to the 15th to be precise.  No Mother's Day shop hop, but a little earlier on the Stars.  The quilts look lovely and you should start finding your bunny suits now. (Hop--get it? Bunnies?  Could have gone kangaroos I suppose, but not many about in Indiana. Diana was rather adament about not bringing me one).
Anyway, have a great week and come see us soon,

Hi Guys,                                    April 21, 2013
What a week! Many explosions and many people whose lives will always be altered.  Our thoughts go out to them.  It's always important to remember that one or two people who do good can change the lives of others as well. A special thanks to all first responders everywhere.
Next weekend we will be vending at the Miamisburg Quilt Show and it is on Fri. and Sat.  Call the store or check the website for details.  It's always a good show and everyone there is so friendly!
The class schedules are back from the printer and available at the store.  Classes are already filling so if you have your heart set on a particular class, please sign up early.  Feathered Star, for example, is already on its third round and only a few spaces left in that.
New fabric and patterns continue to arrive.  Right now, it seems there are so many wonderful patterns and fabrics and I can't get one done fast enough so I can start another.  You think you have projects lined up!  There are so many exciting things out there that I could line up two years worth of sewing, and that's assuming nothing new comes out!  Stop in and let us show you what fun awaits. Because misery/delight loves company!
Enought gabbing....I have sewing (not to mention embroidery) to do!
TTFN  Mary

Hi All,                                       April 14, 2013
The blog is running late today because my son stopped by and offered to take my Christmas lights down. Now, I realize this should have been done three months ago, so when this apocalyptic moment arrived, I was helpless to say no.  Never allow someone to decorate your house unless you have a signed and possibly notarized, contract saying when the decorations will be removed. Just sayin.....
Tomorrow is April 15th and many of you will be sad and blue over paying your income taxes.  We're hoping to make you feel better by giving you a tax-free shopping day at the Nook. On Everything! Oh what a wonderful thing.  Come see us and take advantage of this offer.  You won't be "taxing" our patience.
The newsletters in hard copy should be arriving any day, and the classes are already up on the web page. Enjoy and sign up early for a  space in the class you want.
Hope you have a great week,

Hello All,                                   April 7, 2013
Am I mistaken, or is that Spring outside?  The warm weather is certainly welcome and it won't be long until we see some green grass and flowers.  Of course, mowing, mosquitoes and bees are also right around the corner, but "Hey!" still better than snow.
Our new list of classes is in the works, and if everyone plays nice and Diana gets all the pertinent info, the schedule should go to the printers this week.  From there its only a thought away from being up on the web page.  Lots of goodies coming up and things for all levels of quilters and embroiderers.
You should check the counter next time you are in the store, we have little flyers on all the upcoming area quilt shows and shop hops.  The weather's nice and its a good time for a road trip.
Keep your eyes peeled for an e-mail from Diana in the next week or so.  She has an interesting surprise coming up and I'm pretty sure you're all going to like it.
We have some Ruby Deluxe re-packs that are priced at an all time low and have never been warranteed.  This would be an unbelievably good time to buy this machine (and you know you want to!).
Have a great week, and don't eat too many stale PEEPS. Ugh!
TTFN, Mary

Hello Guys,                                March 24, 2013
Hope you're all enjoying the lovely Spring.  I especially like all the flowers and the happy birds.  Oh, wait, I think its supposed to snow and snow and snow some more.  If you look out your window in the morning and see snow and drifts and so on, please call the store before you venture out to see us.  We might not be able to get there!
Several of you bought Diamonds and Rubies in the past few months and if you are having new machine anxiety, you might consider coming to Diamond Club.  Each month we try to present a program that will make you more comfortable with your machine.  The class is free, although you may need to buy supplies.  You must sign up for a class, because they fill up quickly. First callers get the spots.  These classes are a really good resource to learn more about your machine and I know first hand that a lot of thought and preparation go into making these classes a worthwhile endeavor for you.  Call the store for more information.
Hope the weather warms and we have a great day to visit with Chris on Thurs.  I know she has lots of ideas to share.

Hi Guys,                                    March 17, 2013
Happy St. Patrick's Day and I hope you're all working on your green quilts today. I took the phrase loosely and by green I mean I'm using up scraps and re-cycling.  I'd like to see some green---as in grass and some warm temps.  Oh well, soon I'll be griping about the heat!
I've heard rumors that our Fearless Leader is back, so things will soon be back to normal and running smoothly.  Well, at least smoother than last week.
Another quiet week at the Nook.  We have had some good machines come in on trade.  There's a nice Quilt Designer II, and we have a couple of Singers that would be great back-up machines or starters for a 4H-er.  There are more and if you're thinking machines with your tax return, come and see us.  We give great service and we like to make you happy.
New models are coming in and some new fabrics and models. There's always something going on at the Nook, so come check us out for new ideas.  We're always glad to help and we're only a phone call away if you are having problems with a project or a machine.
See ya next week,

Hello All,                                   March 10, 2013
Hope you remembered to set your clocks forward last night or this morning.  I just love driving home in the daylight.  Sorry, though for all of you who are back to leaving in the dark.  It won't be long though until we have all kinds of daylight and we're griping about the heat and lack of rain.
Not much news this week, however, there is still time to sign up for Chris Dolinar.  It looks like a fun time.
New fabrics keep rolling in, and we are finding places to put them all.  Diana will be back sometime next week, so we have to finish all our "projects" and much like husbands when the wife's away, we have to clean up so she doesn't come home to a mess.  I'm not sure we're going to make it.
March 16th is Worldwide Quilting Day and to celebrate, we will give a 20% discount on backing and batting for any finished project that you bring into the store. What an incentive to put the finishing touches on some of those UFOs.  It can be any size. We have batting especially sized for tablerunners.
Have a great week quilting and hope to see you soon,

Hi Guys,                                    March 3, 2013
Yes, the store is still in one piece, although the gremlins have been busy and Diana has several surprises awaiting!  We are managing to manage without her, but boy, will we be glad to see her later this month.  Judging from pix and a few e-mails, she is having a great time! She's not even wearing a jacket!
It is however, heavy coat weather here and I have heard conflicting reports about a weather system coming in mid-week.  One is mostly rain and the other is the "I" word and up to 6" of snow.  Need I remind you that we all live in the country and we not only have to get to work, but we need to get home.  If it should get bad, please, call before venturing out to see us.  You know we get here if at all possible, but don't risk a wreck to visit. It will also be on Facebook if we won't be open, but I don't have access to the website to post it there.  I will try to call Diamond Club members if we are closed.  It was in the upper 50's this time last year...just sayin'
On a happier note, we put up several new quilts over the weekend and changed things around a bit.  We've gotten in lots of new fabric and I will try to pix onto Facebook this week.  Lots of nice Springy colors for those of you who don't walk on the dark side. I'm an Eyore person myself.."thanks for noticin' me".
There's still time to sign up for Chris Dolinar and she has lots of new things. Spoiler Alert!!  New feet, (I hope you're sitting down) which we have in stock..I know, I thought so too, and some new tips on quilting as well as embroidery.  Lunch is included in the fee.
Well, enough for now because I got the itch to stitch!

Hi Guys,                                    February 24, 2013
Boy, this sunshine begins to make me think Spring.  Then I remember what part of the country I'm living in and get a reality check.  Enjoy the sunshine while it lasts.
We're still taking sign-ups for the Viking seminar with Chris Dolinar.  It will be at the new Holiday Inn and the cost is $30.00. I think it will be informative and lots of fun.
You all know that traditionally, when Diana goes on vacation, the inmates feel compelled to change things around and re-do everything we can get our hands on.  The re-do has begun! Stop in anytime over the next three weeks and take a look at how we are progressing.  No, we're not taking bets on whether Diana makes us put it all back.  We're getting lots of new fabrics in as well and new models will be going up sometime this week.  Sometime will be when I can guilt Pete into stopping and doing some ladder hopping.  He's so nice, I really don't deserve him.
Check out Facebook for a pic of the model for Diamond Club and you must let me know if you are attending.  E-mails with class supplies will go out on Mon.......providing I don't screw-up Diana's computer.
Hope to see you soon,

Hi Guys,                                    February 17, 2013
The Cabin Fever Shop Hop is underway, and there's still time to buy passports and make all the shops on the Hop.  There are only seven shops to hop to and all are different and fun. Recieve a 20% discount on one item per shop and be eligible for a basket full of quilting goodies!  Get out and get going!
Chris Dolinar (one of our faves!) will be spending the day with us on March 28th.  The cost is $30.00, which includes a great lunch, and will be meeting at the new Holiday Inn.  Sounds like lots of fun, and a little bird told me that Chris has lots of new samples and stuff to show.  Sign up soon.
We're all working on new samples and projects, so stop in and see what's going on. We still have room in many of the classes on the schedule and it doesn't look like weather is going to be a problem this year.  Hope I didn't just jinx us!!
Have a great week, and don't forget to stop in to look around or just say "Hi".

Hello Sunshine Seekers,             February 3, 2013
Ah, February, when the balmy air entices us all outside and the lovely sunshine brightens up...wait a minute...this isn't Florida!  Oh well, guess I'll start a new quilt!!!
As you know, things have been poppin' at the Nook.  New quilts are coming in every week and of course, we're working on our paper piecing (homework from Judy Niemyer).  We're starting a New Hoop Sister BOM in the next class schedule.  It's really pretty and the quilting (all done in your hoop of course) is to die for.  One block is stitched up and will be at the Nook for your viewing pleasure.
Some new panels and farm scenes have come in and if you "like" us on Facebook, you'll be able to see pictures of them as they arrive.  There's often a little sew-ers cartoon as well.  On the serious side, look to see some specials listed on Facebook first.
Speaking of panels, we have a cute growth chart featuring a giraffe and accompanying quilt that Pam stitched up and a new four season panel featuring baby animals.  Come see, come see.
It's not too early to sign up for Chris Dolinar who will be spending the day with us on March 28th.  Details will follow, but it will be an all-day event with lots of tips and ideas as only Chris can give.  We know she's very popular with all of you, so don't wait until the last minute to sign up.
Cabin Fever Shop Hop starts on Feb. 15th and goes until the 23rd. See details on our website or pick them up along with your passport at the Nook.
TTFN  Mary

Hello All.                                   January 27, 2013
What a week!!  Diana graciously took me with her to Toledo for a seminar with Judy Niemyer.  She is the queen of paper piecing and what an experience.  I have looked at these quilts for years, (and have several patterns, quel surprise) but was afraid to try them.  Big secret, with a little instruction, they're so do-able! Can you say "addicted".  No wonder Diana likes doing this so much! We got to spend three days with her and I learned so much. Anyway, we have booked a certified instructor to come in Oct. and do a hands-on two day seminar!!!!!!!!  Mark it on your wish list, you won't want to miss her.  If you're not familiar with her quilts, check out our pictures on Facebook or go to her website.  You'll be impressed.
We also have an all-day sewing event with Chris Dolinar coming up on Thursday, March 28th.  I don't have all the details yet, but keep watching our website, e-mails and of course, Facebook.
Just to give you a little more to look forward to, Pat Knoechel from Quilt in a Day will back to see us in June.  Details on that to follow as well.
And another thing to look forward to, Christmas fabric for 2013 has begun to arrive.........

Hello All,                                   January 20, 2013
We had a great time yesterday at the Pajama Sale.  Lots of cute p.j.s and such a good time! Just before the sale we hung several new models.  Stop in to see them. Pam's Tales of First Ladies is up and its very pretty.  She used a new line of Jo Morton fabrics and it has a great look.
Don't let the Winter blahs get you down. Starting Feb.15th and running through the 23rd, will be the Cabin Fever Shop Hop. There are 7 very different shops in the hop, and the projects are centered around, what else?, log cabins. Receive a 20% discount on one item at each shop and be eligible for a grand prize basket full of quilting goodies.  You'll get lots of inspiration and new ideas and an excuse to eat lunch out a couple of days!
Classes are beginning to get into full swing so don't forget to sign up for the ones you want.  Classes are a great way to learn a new technique and to meet new friends.  What a great excuse to get out of the house and be inspired with new ideas and new ways to use color and even ways to use your machine.
I guess the message for the week is get up, get excited and have fun with us.  We have lots of fun planned and hope you'll all come share it with us.

Hello All,                                   January 13, 2013
Next weekend, Jan. 19th, beginning at 7:30 a.m. the 2nd annual Pajama Sale will begin.  Notice I said Pajama Sale. This means that to receive the discounts you must be wearing your jammies! There will be a guard at the door who will check you in, and give you a ticket for your discount.  Of course, as the day gets later, the discounts decrease and when we open at 10:00 the sale will be over.  Just so you know, cameras will be present and I love candid photos. (just not of me, because camera repair is expensive.)  I'm looking forward to all the cute outfits!! (so is the guard!)
We have several "like new" machines traded in, and don't forget the 835 is marked down to an unbelievable price.  When they're gone, they're gone so if you're thinking about a new machine that doesn't embroider, come check this one out.  Really, though, supplies are limited, so decide quickly.
Lots of new fabrics are arriving and quilts are coming back from the quilters so stop in to see what's on the walls.  Diana has some new killer placemats that would be great hostess gifts or would be great just to freshen up your table after all the holiday glitz. These are quickies and use up stash.  Come and see.
Looking forward to next weekend and remember if you don't want to increase your stash, it would be a great time to buy backings, batts and thread----you'll always need those.
TTFN  Mary

Hello All,                                    January 6, 2013
Phew, we made it through another one!  I like the holidaze, but I'm always glad to get back to routine and get all that "stuff" put away.  It's not so much the decorations as it is the extra cooking stuff and the wrapping stuff and the stuff, stuff.  All gone now, only a few pieces of candy to go. Right onto my hips is where they'll go.
The newsletters are back from the printers and you can pick one up anytime.  All the Christmas and harvest models are off the walls and some neat, new models are up.  More are on the way and so the store will be changing often.  We've put several new lines (springish) out and we have a new line of Jo Morton which is going fast.
We have a pajama sale coming soon, so break out those new Christmas jammies and save, save, save.  The earliest birds get the biggest worms and yes--there will be cameras.  Don't worry Ms. Desmond, we'll get your best side. (Sunset Boulevard, Nora Desmond-usual obscure reference.) 
Come see us soon and join in all the fun. Santa's gone but the elves are playing on, and on, and on.............

Happy New Year,                             December 30, 2012
I'm a little early, but better than late! Hope all of you have a great New Year and that it lives up to all your expectations.  Lots of fabric and ice cream on my part with several books and a trip MI thrown in.
The next round of classes are up on the webpage and hard copies should be available after Jan. 2.  We are stripping the walls of harvest and Christmas models and lots of new things are going up. There are a couple of BOM models that will be a little late, but you know, my family still expects me to shop and cook during the holidays. Darn it.  We already have a couple of new lines of fabric on the floor and more to come, so stop in and see.
If you have not picked up your stuffed Christmas bag, please call with a credit card or stop in before Sat.  After that, we will no longer hold your bag.  Don't miss out on all your neat stuff!
Let's talk a little bad weather common sense.  The whole staff lives in the country about 15-20 miles from Richmond.  If we have a weather event,  we may have to wait on the snow plow before we can get out.  Conversely, if the weather turns bad, we may need to leave early in order to get home.  Having said that, we'll do our best to be open our normal hours. So, if you hear that schools are closed, or that schools are closing early, or that driving conditions are hazardous, or that roads are becoming impassable due to blowing or drifting snow, please call before you come.  I would hate for anyone to take a dangerous drive to the store only to find us closed. Having said all that, the sun on the snow is really pretty today!
Hope you all have a great New Year

Ho Ho Ho,                         December 23, 2012
Merry Christmas everyone and I hope you got all your sewing projects done. I'm almost there, maybe, if the stars align.
Anyway, we survived the apocalypse, the zombies didn't arrive and life is going on. I can't really say I'm surprised. Disappointed perhaps, but not surprised.  I was pretty sure it wouldn't be that easy to get out of cooking Christmas dinner.
The classes for the New Year are listed on the internet and the hard copies will be back from the printer soon.  The classbook is made out and we're actually taking registrations.  So finish up all your left-over projects before the new year and sign up for lots of new, fun things.
Hope you get lots of goodies under your tree and hope you get to make lots of memories. Don't forget we'll be closed Dec. 24, 25, and 26 and also Dec. 31 and Jan.1.  We'll be ready to rock and roll on the 2nd.  See you then.

Hello fellow elves,                               Dec. 16, 2012

It's hard to stay jolly in light of recent events, and I think these tragedies make us all reflect on the times we live in.  But I hope as the holidays approach, you're all able to take a moment to be thankful for friends, family, and in an odd sense, the stress that we allow to surround these holidays.  If we can stress about whether we've gotten everyone a gift and if they'll like it, than we have much to be thankful for.  I know, that I and all of us at the Nook are grateful for all our customers and class members and all that they bring to our lives. We sincerely hope you have wonderful holidays and make lots of memories. 
On a lighter note, and presuming the world doesn't end on the 21st, it won't be long until the schedule will be out. Diana delivered it to the printer last week.  I think you'll like all the new classes and there are some fun upcoming events.  Don't want to give anything away, but I hope all the Christmas p.j.s aren't too skimpy!  By the way, if the Mayans couldn't predict the Spanish invasion, I'm not sure they could predict the end of the world.  Just sayin'.
Well, I'm off to wrap presents and finish up a few home-made gifts. Having bought the grands every possible noisy toy I could find, I predict that by Christmas night I'll need a hearing aid......and then I get to send them all home!!!!!!!  Pay backs you know.  Have a great week and try to find the happy.

Hi Guys,                                               Dec. 9, 2012
The countdown has begun.  Christmas is two weeks, that's fourteen days from Tues.  It's time to get moving people!!  There is still time to add that little homemade with love something to everyone's pile of coal, I mean, gifts. Let us help you with suggestions and advice and other elf-like behavior.  We're up to it--just ask us.  By the way gift certificates are always good and right now you get an extra 20% tacked on because we love you.
The newsletter is underway and hopefully, will be finished soon.  You know, Diana can only work as fast as we feed her the information she needs.  Have you ever tried to herd cats?  You see her difficulty.  However, fearing the gift of coal or underwear, we are finally in line and giving her our information, and she is strapped to her computer developing the newsletter.  We'll let you know when its ready to be seen.  By the way, lots of cool stuff is on the way.  In an unprecedented move, I will be re-using rulers you bought for previous classes.  I know, I was surprised too.
Hope you're enjoying stuffing your bags.  If you have difficulty e-mailing the response, just call the store and we will add your wishes to the list.  We strive to keep everyone happy.
Hope you're having a relaxing and happy holiday season.

Ho Ho Ho,                                        Dec. 2,2012
Hope all of you are taking part in the annual "Stuff My Bag" party for the next 10 days now.  It's always exciting to get that little e-mail each day that  tempts you into a gift for yourself or a friend.  We have fun being elves (elfhood is good because I don't have fit down a chimney 'cause we know that ain't happenin'.  I mean there's an epicode of CSI for sure.) and trying to choose what to offer.  Have fun guys!
Next year's class schedule is beginning to shape up and it looks like a good one.  I'm desparately looking for new rulers to require, but so far am coming up dry.  Maybe you'll just have to use the ones you already have....
Don't forget, you still have time to make Christmas gifts and we have a whole slew of patterns that are quick, cute and cost only $2.50.  They'll help you use up your stash as well.  Several of my vintage fat quarters have already been sacrificed to the cause. Don't forget pillowcases.  Everytime I think I'll never make another, somebody tells me they're anxious to see what I'll make next.  I wonder, is that a compliment?  I guess it depends on the tone of voice.
Happy Sewing and don't forget, gift certificates are on sale.  You get a 20% bonus on the amount of said certificate! That's a deal girlies!!

Hey Guys,  Sunday, November 18
Well, we're counting down to the yearly stupor-inducing huge Thanksgiving Dinner.  I don't know which I like better, the food, or sneaking off for a nap after it's over!  Turkey (and hot air) is a powerful sedative.
As soon as Thanksgiving is over (it's a gateway holiday, you know) we'll be plunged into the frenzy for Christmas.  I would  suggest that on Thanksgiving evening or Fri. a. m. you begin a list of the things that you can realistically get done before the fat man arrives and just blow off the rest.  Having said that, there are a number of quick, cute and useful gifts that you can still make.  In quantity.  Placemats using the new fusible forms, hotpads, tissue box covers, bowl holders for the microwave and many more.  Purses and totes are not out of the question.  So relax, gnaw a leftover drumstick and vow to enjoy the upcoming holidays instead viewing them with dread.  We truly have a great deal for which to be thankful.
As always, we at the Nook are always thankful for our great customers.

Hello All,  Sunday, November 11
Be sure to hug a Veteran today.  We owe them our entire way of life and it's an understatement to say that we appreciate them.  Let's never forget those who gave their lives to keep us free.
On a beautiful day like today, it's hard to think about cold weather and the upcoming holidays, but they're arriving soon.  Don't even think that it's too late to make a few gifts.  There's plenty of time to make some quick, cute stuff and we are just the people to help you do it!  We have lots of ideas and many of them are appealingly inexpensive.  Stop in and let us show you what you can do.
By the way, Stuff Your Bag is fast upon us and if you want to receive our e-mails.......make sure you are signed up at our website.  On a similar note, Facebook has changed a little.  If you want to receive all our posts go to our page and touch the "like" button.  You'll see a pop-up and then choose "receive all notifications".  Now of course, that's only if you want to see all exciting pix and word-play we like to send out.
Have a great day and enjoy our Indian Summer!

Hi Guys,  Sunday, November 4
Hope you all remembered to set your clocks back an hour! Hate to do it because it means winter is closing in and it will be dark a lot.  I like sunshine myself.
Hope you enjoyed Linda as much as we did this week.  She was very informative and her manner was so genuine.  I learned a lot and you'll be happy to know that she's coming back for a software class.  I can't wait.
We had the Thanksgiving talk at our house this weekend, you know, " Are you coming home, when are you coming home, how long are you staying, and most importantly--what dish are you bringing.?"  All this means is that if Thanksgiving is upon us, Christmas can't be far behind.  You still have plenty of time to make some quick and appreciated gifts.  Start watching Facebook because we will be featuring pics of them there and be sure to talk to staff about all our ideas.  A set of embroidered napkins perhaps, or a tissue box cover, or a binder cover, microwave potato bag cooker, the list goes on and on.  Gifts like these would also use up quite a few scraps.
Well, enough for now.  Next week we'll talk turkey in more ways than one!

Hi Guys,  Sunday, October 28
Boy, what a big week we've got coming!  First of all, there's Halloween with all the attendant candy and costume madness and then there's the frightening Frankenstorm/apocalypse that will "impact" the East Coast and finally the Viking Event.  I really don't know which will be the most impressive, but I do know which one I''m looking forward to the most.  Costumes were right up there, but I'm having trouble finding demon horns.  My son says he's sure that if I would just part my hair differently, they'd show up.  If that's true, I guess I know which side of the family he takes after........
Seriously, we do a have a few spots left for the Event (Viking not Frankenstorm) so if you'd like to attend, but aren't signed up, call Mon.
We have new fabrics and models of which pictures will taken on Mon., but feeling fabric is so much better than just looking at it.  True about many things, if you think about it...  Anyway be sure to take a look when next you are in the store.
Looking forward to seeing you on Halloween for your Viking Event treat!

Hi Guys,  Sunday, October 21
A head's up on the schedule for this week.  We have had to move back our Spring Bouquet class.  That would be the pre-cut, pre-fused applique quilt.  Demand has far exceeded supply and apparently MODA's supplier of the silhouettes has fallen behind.  This is very unusual and we do apologize for the delay, which has been beyond our control. We will shoot for the Nov. class date.  Hopefully, you'll be able to work on Christmas gifts and fall lovelies in the meantime.
We have two nice used sergers at the store and they so want a new home for the holidays.  Just think, you could roll hem napkins, sew up some gifty jammies or boxers and really speed through a gross of pillowcases.  That's just to name a few.  Come visit them and get aquainted, you won't be able to go home alone.
We have lots and lots of ideas for quick and easy gifts.  Be sure to ask whoever is on the floor because we all have our favorites.  Right now I'm into the nests for bowls that go into the microwave.  No more hot fingers or dropped bowls.  All the households are getting a few of these.  We have a new easy pattern for microwave baked potato bags as well.  You could whip up a ton of these and use up lots of scraps at the same time.  Too cool.
Come see us soon!

Hello All,  Sunday, October 14
Just a few reminders this week.  Classes are in full swing and they have been really great.  I hope all you students are having as much fun as we are.  Be sure to check out the website and your newsletter to keep up with what's happening.
Speaking of websites, I'm sure you noticed that we changed ours this year.  If you are not receiving e-mails from us, please go to the website and sign up for them.  "Stuff Your Stocking" 2012 will begin in late Nov. and if you are not signed up for our e-mails, you'll be left out.  A fate worse than death, I assure you.  We have travelled the length and breadth of the internet and our sales reps inventory to bring you the latest and most exciting gimcracks and gadgets under the sun.  To miss out on this opportunity will probably stunt your quilting career! (My tongue is in my cheek.)  Seriously, though, don't miss a fun time because of a clerical error.
Fun times ahead so watch for upcoming news!

Hello All, Sunday, October 7
Is it called Fall because of the leaves or the temperatures?  Hard to tell this weekend. It is time for the dreaded debate on whether or not to turn on the furnace.  Guess which side I'm on. I'm still running a fan in the bedroom.
Next weekend, however is the Quilt Show in Greenville OH. and we will be vending there.  Stop in the store for all the details.  I can't remember the times, only that the quilts are great, the food is tasty and we will be there. Surely more is not required.  It's always a great show and everyone involved works very hard to make sure you all have a great time. It doesn't hurt that the drive to G'ville is always pretty this time of year.
We have new Maxine fabric in the store (I know, I didn't have a good segue for that, but it's been a long week.)  As always its cute and funny.  We also have the new Kansas Troubles fall fabric called Harvest Moon.  It's very autumnal and pretty. Check these out on Facebook or better yet, stop in and see them and pet them and love them for yourself.
That's it for this time because I think I see Pete sneaking toward the thermostat and that's a call to action.  Hope to see you soon,
TTFN  Mary

Hi Guys,  Sunday, September 30
Diana's off to VikingCon and the inmates are left in charge of the asylum.  Bwahahahahahaha!  Just ask us anything you want to know and we'll make up a plausible answer.   Oh the power!!!
Now, back to our regular programming.  Classes are filling up, so don't put off signing up or you may be too late.  This also goes for the Viking event.  There is a limit on seating and it is rapidly approaching.  You can sign up by phone or via an e-mail, just be prepared to give us a credit card number to hold your place.
Don't forget that Halloween is fast approaching and it's not too late for a cute pillowcase or a trick-or-treat bag.  We have lots of neat fabric that would make great projects.  Tablemats to sit the candy bowl upon or perhaps a little something to pad that broom. Yes, I can drive a stick!!
Be watching our Facebook page this week, because Diana will be posting pix from the convention.  I'm sure she'll be seeing lots of new stuff and learning lots of new tricks.  No, I'm not jealous. My skin always takes on a slightly green hue this time of year.
Th-th-th-that's all folks, 

Hi Guys, Sunday, September 9

Can you believe this weather?!!  I think we deserve it!!  I hope it's the first of many days like this.  Fall is coming and I love it.
It's been awhile since we talked, so I just wanted to remind you that the newsletters are available at the store.  If you had your eye on any of the upcoming classes, you had best get your name on the list.  Classes are beginning to fill up.  We are also taking sign-ups for the Viking Event that will be held at the new Holiday Inn on Oct. 31st.  That's Halloween if you're of the broom-flying persuasion (like yours truly).  The room can only hold so many so get your name in early (the lunch is included and sounds really yummy!)
Lots of new fabric has arrived.  We have two new Stonehenge lines.  One is woodsy and the other is patriotric and would make a great Quilt of Valor.  The colors in both are just great and we're eagerly awaiting Pam's new models.  Jo Morton has a new grouping of pretty stripes and blues and tans.  This is a new fabric line for us and I think you'll like it.
There's always something new going on at the Nook, be sure to be a part of it.  See us soon!

Hi Guys,  August 12
Last night and tonight are the Perseid meteor showers. We waited until well after dark to go out to watch them.  I mean, I don't need an audience for getting down on the ground or for getting up for that matter!  I had just made the remark that it was unusual to be outside all by ourselves, when the cats realized we were there and blanketed us.  Have I mentioned that we have several really nice cats that would like to have a loving home? Today. Cats on top and chiggers underneath made for an abbreviated meteor show, but they are neat and I recommend taking a few catless minutes to check them out.
The newsletter is at the printers as we speak and many of the classes are already up on line.  Technology is wonderful!!  By the way, there won't be a Blog next week because its Back to School time for us a well.  We will be going to an Open House hosted by Checker (one of our distributors) and we will be learning about new techniques and products.  Its always a fun weekend, and so informative as well.  Diana is very gracious about spending an entire weekend with the nuts --I mean employees.
I will hate/be glad to see the Olympics end but I must say that after being an armchair quarterback for two weeks, I have come away from the games with a renewed sense of purpose.  The things I've been most impressed by (excepting Micheal Phelps physique) are the atheletes tenacity and perseverance.  So, no more complaining----I WILL be able to miter corners and I CAN find time to sew and most importantly, I WILL continue to eat ice cream.
Have fun and come see us soon.  TTFN Mary

You try, you fail, you try, you fail, but the only time you really fail is when you stop trying.

Hey y'all,   August 5
I don't know about yourselves, but I feel that after losing a lot of sleep and spending countless hours immersed in the Olympic coverage, I tell myself I could probably be a judge at any event.  Of course, I've never even tried any of the sports, but after all the commentary, I think I'm an expert!  It has been lots of fun, though.  I've really enjoyed cheering on the young swimmers.
Diana has rallied the troops once again and the Fall schedule is being inked in as we speak.  I think you'll enjoy many of the classes.  We have lots of new things and a few old favorites.  Several would make  great Christmas gifts.  Hopefully you'll be seeing our ideas soon.
This week we got in some new batiks and a really cute little line of farm fabric.  New books and patterns are still arriving and finished projects continue to come in.  Now if it would rain gently for about a week, we'd be all set.
Must run, Micheal Phelps is about to (hopefully) win another medal and I'm sure he needs me to cheer him on!  Have a great week and visit soon.  We've hung lots of new models.

This weeks quote:
It's not the load that breaks you down, it's the way you carry it. 
Lena Horne

Hi Guys,            Jluy 29
Are you all caught up in Olympic fever?  I can't tell you I get too excited about the Summer Olympics.  It seems to involve a lot of "gasp" running and sweating.  Not my thing, and my knees would probably collapse.  My newly disinherited son said I might be able to make the weightlifting team. Humph..  The only thing I like to watch are Equestrian events.  You know, you sit on the horse while it does most of the work.  Just kidding and besides you have to be smarter than the horse.
We do have some gold medal quality fabrics arriving at the store and we have lots of new models coming into the store every day.  Pam has become the placemat queen these last few months and she has brought in several great models.  I think placemats are always great made out of seasonal fabrics.  Such an easy way to change the look of your home for holidays and different seasons.  Tablerunners and tissue box covers are great as well.
Speaking of new fabrics, we got a new color-way for the Smokey River quilt!  Stonehenge brought the quilt out in spring colors with lots of pastels and a raspberry and green border.  I'm hoping to start one soon.  I know, I already made the autumnal one, but the new colors are just too lucious to ignore.  We have some more Stonehenge on the way and I hope it comes soon.
I just finished a new Bow Tucks bag and used Inn Control in place of the fusible batting.  I'm really pleased with the result.  I added a zipper to this bag and I like that as well.  It will work much better when on vacation or carrying my I-pad.  Things won't be so likely to fall out.  I find that you don't really need to do much quilting when using the Inn Control, but with a walking foot, straight line quilting is quite easy and not a problem.  If you're nervous about using this product, check out this purse, I went through lots of layers and really tested it.  I like it a lot!
Have a great week, TTFN  Mary

This weeks quote:  "Whatever you are, be a good one."
Abraham Lincoln

Hi Guys,          July 22
Well, it happened.  The siren song of the new Edyta Sitar quilt called "Spring Bouquet" using her fabric line of "Over the Rainbow" batiks has seduced me.  I got my teacher's kit last week and have been resisting it, thinking I would finish up some Christmas projects first, but I couldn't resist those gorgeous colors any longer.  Wow!  You are going to enjoy this.  I need feedback though.  Do want to do this as a class each month and get placement tips and re-assurance or do you want a one-time let me show you how to do in general terms class.  I think both ways would work and I can see advantages to doing it both ways.  You lovelies need to let us know.  Either way, I don't think you'll want to miss this project.  The pre-cut, pre-fused applique shapes can be purchased monthly, but I think you'll want to buy all the background at one time.
We've been discussing our new fall class schedule and I think we have some interesting ideas.  I think we'll re-visit one or two golden oldies, and of course there will be lots of new things.  Now is the time to make your wishes known if you have specific ideas.  You know, you don't have to have a certain project in mind, it could be a technique you want to learn about.  We can come up with a project.  So e-mail the store with your wants and needs and we will, as always, do our best to make you hap
A little side note here, lately lots of you have been bringing in your finished projects and they are wonderful!!  We sew love to see them!  Keep up the good work and know that we always enjoy seeing your creations.  Most days there's a camera on site and we love to take pictures ( as long as I'm behind the lens--not in front.)
Christmas and fall fabrics are still arriving and new models are arriving almost daily as well.  Stop in and check us out--we don't normally bite.
Until next week,  TTFN Mary

Hi Guys,   July 15
Hope you haven't worn out your umbrellas this week.  Green fabric looks really good to right now and I think its because everything is brown and dreary outside. Good time to sew, sew, sew and get the jump on Christmas gifts and all the other projects you've been putting off because of gardening.
Come to the Nook on Thurs. from 2-7 and we will get your wheels rolling and your mouth watering.  Carol (our Checker rep) will be here and she will be bringing samples of all the new "stuff" from Quilt Market.  You will be able to order whatever you want (within cars and/or husbands not available) and not pay shipping.  The thing is, you might see something you want that we never carry.  Is this cool or what?!  Carol will be here from 2-7.  What fun!!
New models are coming in daily, so stop and see what's new.  Diana has a great new table topper that looks like a Dresden Plate and many more are in the works.  Christmas fabrics are all out and Halloween fabric is fluttering about the edges (in a bat-like manner)  Many of the Halloween panels would make great Trick or Treat bags or holiday placemats or pillowcases.  Come take a look.
Until next week think damp, cooling thoughts,
Check out the Photo Gallery for picures of recent shop hop winners.

Hi Guys,      sunday July 8
Well, it got really hot, so we decided to get all the Christmas and Halloween fabric out of the back and onto the floor.  There's a lot!!  You really need to stop in and check it all out.  We have it all, although the "Ghastlies" seem to be flying out the door.  I hate to see them go and yet it brings possession of my pillowcases ever closer!
With Fall and Christmas just around the corner, its a good time to take stock and decide on Christmas gifts and/or decorations for the this coming year.  Pillowcases, tissue boxes, tablerunners, placemats, and more all make lovely gifts or parts of gifts.  I am always astonished by the reception of gifts that I have made.  I tend to think that I'm not giving very much because I made it and after all, who am I?  The people who can't or don't sew are just blown away by the sewn gift, though.  Get started early, avoid the crowds, receive personalized service and there's seldom any waiting for an employee.  We don't have many places to hide (unlike the "box" stores). Come see us and get inspired and get in the gift-making frame of mind!
See you next week,

Hi Guys,  July 1
Hope you all have a great 4th of July!  We had lots of early fireworks around here on Fri. and I hope you all have electricity and thus access to air-conditioning and sewing machines. The weather is not fit to be outside, so its time to sew.  Turn down the air conditioning and get started on Christmas projects.  We have many of our new fabrics on the shelves and many new models on the wall, so there is no lack of inspiration.
The sale fabric is at an all-time low.  Buy 3 fabrics and get the 4th yd. free and its all priced at $5.00.  Now would be a great time to buy quilt backs to finish up some of those projects that you're feeling guilty about.  The fabric is all first quality, but it needs to find a new home so that we have room for all the new things that are arriving.  Hurry in, if Lisa or I are working, it will be cool.  You might consider a sweater, even....nah.
Don't forget that Diamond Club is back on the schedule and begins this week.  If you are not signed up, remember that you must e-mail the store(Diana) to be given a time.  Of course, the Shop Hop is still on and its not too late to make a run and complete your passport. 
Until next week,


Hi Guys,
Well, the Christmas panel is well underway to being done.  Yes, I know, I bowed to public pressure and started.  It really is a pretty panel and well worth the time.  Speaking of such, you really need to stop by the store and see all the holiday sewing we have gotten done.  Everyone has been busy and projects are stacking up.  It seems like more goes up on the walls every day.  I have to say, I think the fabric this year has been outstanding. 
Breaking news......... there is a new "Ghastlies" print for this year.  It's called "Ghastly Family Reunion" and it lives up to all its predecessors.  Of course, I have named all the characters after people I know (hmmmm).  Ah fabric!  We also got "Maxine" Christmas fabric and if nothing else,  I think you could make some hilarious Christmas pillowcases. 
I have been quilting the infamous Christmas panel, as I mentioned earlier, and I just wanted to say that most of it is done using metallic gold thread.  As far as I am concerned, there is only one brand of metallic thread and that is Robison-Anton.  It runs through my machine just beautifully.  No kinks, no breaks and with a topstitch needle, no fraying.  I have also wound bobbins with it and stitched out lace ornaments on Aqua-Magic using it top and bottom for my embroideries.  At first glance it seems pricey, but not when you figure yardage and the almost total lack of waste.  You know the old saying," The right tool for the job." and many people ask about our free-motion quilting so I'm going to start sharing our trade secrets with you.  They start with good quality needles and thread.
Happy sewing and we'll hope for rain.

Hello All,
Hope everyone is having a great Father's Day!  I am...Pete is watching movies and I'm sewing.  Its a win-win!!
Lots of holiday fabrics ( and a few delectable batiks) have come in this week.  Everyone is stitching madly.  Pam and I swarmed up the ladder like little monkeys on Friday and hung up some new models.  Some fall and some that Pam made while on a retreat.  No--I am not jealous that she got to go away and sew.  I'm always a healthy shade of green.  You'll have to stop in and take a look (at the models--not my shade of green).  Some are cute and some are just really pretty.  And yes, I'm still working on that &^%_)*^$# Christmas panel.  It'll be neat though.
Don't forget, Patty K. will be here on Tues. at the old Holiday Inn and the fun starts at 1:00.  I can't wait to see all the quilts!  She might have some interesting Eleanor stories as well!!  The shop hop starts on the 28th and our quilt is hanging in the window.  We have lots of passports and will be glad to help you get started.  Have a fun week, I think its going to be too hot to do anything but sew!
TTFN  Mary

Hi Guys,  Sunday June 10
Be sure to stop by the store and see the Stars Over Indiana shop hop quilt.  Lynsey Brubaker just got it done and it is hanging in the window.  Very pretty and of course the quilting is outstanding.  If this doesn't make you want to buy a charm and go hopping, I don't know what will.
Hope you all had a good time at the Viking Event on Tues.  I learned one or two new tricks!  As soon as the special orders start coming in, we will be calling you.  The orders have been placed, so as usual we await the shipping gods.
We're all working feverishly on new models, and even though its early in the summer, if you see a project coming in or a new pattern that sparks your interest, let us know.  If you have class ideas, let us know that too.  We try our best to come up with new ideas.  Your best bet is to e-mail Diana so the ideas don't get lost between the cracks.
I'm sure this is old news but Pat Knoechel will be here on June 19th from 1-3p.m.  You MUST pre -register and there are only a VERY seats still available.  Get crackin' girls if you want to come.  I know I'm looking forward to it.
Have a great week and sew, sew, sew!
TTFN  Mary

Hi Guys,
Not a lot to tell you this week.  We're excited and looking forward to Tues.  Can't wait to learn all the latest.  Linda will do a wonderful job I'm sure.
Be sure to check out our new website.  It's gorgeous and we're certainly having fun with it.  I think it will be a more interesting and friendly place to visit.  If the planets align correctly, and Pete and I are on top of our game, there will be a new look for our Facebook page.  Better give that a day or two, though, given the level of our expertise.  Just a teaser for you to look forward to.
We are now selling charms (which come with a passport) for the July  Stars Over Indiana Shop Hop.  Start planning your route and rounding up your roadies for a fun time as you visit all the shops!
Just remember, there's always something happening at the Nook and we are so pleased when you include us in your plans.  We're planning lots of fun for late summer and early fall with lots of new projects and ideas so stay tuned as the saying goes and use re-run season to finish up all those UFOs.

Hi Guys,
Ahh, the first long weekend of the summer.  Indy 500, Taste of the Town, swimming pools open and life is easy. Please take a moment to reflect and remember those who sacrificed so much so that the "livin is easy." We owe them so much more than we can ever repay.
Spring Market is over and our wonderful sales reps are beginning to call on us.  New fabrics and patterns will begin making their way to the store soon!  We will see new patriotic fabrics and a whole new color way for an old favorite.  Pam and Diana and I are sharpening our rotary cutters in anticipation!  By the way, it looks like gray is still an important color in many collections.  Applique in its many forms seems to be making a come-back as well. Sew many projects, sew little time.  I'm adopting the "stitch a few minutes when I can" lifestyle instead of waiting until I have a whole block of time to sew.  It works, I'm getting more done and since I like to sew, I'm feeling happier.
Be sure to check out our new website and please excuse any minor glitches as we are still settling into our new site.  We are working on them, but of course, won't get much done until Tues.  Hope to see you soon, and remember that sign-ups for the Viking event are closing soon.  Looking forward to seeing all of you there.



Hi Guys,

Have you seen the new website?!  I think it looks really fresh and inviting.  Be sure to check it out and romp through all the pages.  While you're at it, you might sign up for a couple of classes and don't forget that our Viking educator will be here in a couple of weeks.  Gee, Summer is already speeding by.  You must sign up in advance for our educator because lunch is provided and you wouldn't want to be left out of that!!  I regret to inform you that the employees would probably not graciously go hungry for you.  Stand up during the program so you could have a seat maybe, but not go hungry.

Christmas and Fall panels are sloooooowly starting to trickle in and Diana has a great display of quick gifts that are all made from one panel.  It's on display in the pattern room and we have kits ready as well as co-ordinating fabrics for your enjoyment.  You can get the jump on Christmas.  There are some new fall and summer panels and co-ordinates under the purse patterns on the east wall as well.  One of them has "shudder" chickens or as I like to refer to them, zombie birds.  You know, the walking dead.  They are delicious on a plate though.  I digress, Quilt Market is going on as we speak and so lots of new "stuff" will be arriving soon.  I forgot to mention, due my chicken-induced brain freeze, that we got eight or ten wonderful batiks in this week.  They are, of course lovely and are crying out to be used in projects.  Get those wheels turning!  The weather report sounds like it will be too hot to go outside, yes, I am a woose, so its time for the great summer sew-a-thon and we are just the people who can fix you up with lots of projects.

Have a great week and be sure to see our website and "like" us on facebook.





dithering 5-6-12

Hey Guys,

I’m sure you’re all tired from running the “Flying Pig” marathon this morning. While you’re relaxing and recovering from your workout, you might want to think about upcoming events at the store.

The Mother’s Day shop hop is going on and you can still get in on the action by buying a passport. They are $6.00 and available at any of the participating stores. For details you can contact the Stitching Nook.

Linda VanWinkle-Hall will be educating us on June 5th. You know anyone can come. If you or a friend don’t own a Viking, (although I really can’t imagine such a thing!) you’ll still have a good time and I’m sure you’ll learn something. I know you’ll get lots of good ideas!

Pat Knoechel will be joining us on June 19th and will be lecturing on the new book, “Tales of First Ladies”. She too, will have lots of models to “ooh” and ” ahh” over. This is a banner year for Quilt in a Day because Eleanor will be inducted into the Quilter’s Hall of Fame in Marion this summer. Pat has been coming to us for over twenty years and so we feel like this honor is happening to a very good friend. Congrats El. Both these events will take place at the Quality (formerly the Holiday) Inn. Check with the store for details. Please sign up for these events in advance.

Have a great week and don’t get lost in the tall grass. I personally can no longer see my dogs.



Mary's Blog

nice people 4-29-12

Hello All,

We were at the Miamisburg Quilt Show this last weekend and as usual all the quilts were top-notch. All of you quilters do such a good job. I guess that’s what keeps us coming back for more.

Mother’s Day is on the horizon and don’t forget that we always have gift certificates available. Always the right color and always the right size. We’ll be glad to keep the husband and kids guilt-free. The calorie count is right also.

We’re signing people up for summer classes now. Don’t wait until the last minute or you may be disappointed. Mark June 5th on your calendars because we will have a fun-filled and educational day with a Viking educator. I’m sure many of you remember Linda VanWinkle from past visits. Always interesting and informative. I ran into her at the International Quilt Festival and she told me that she always looks forward to coming to the Stitching Nook because all of you are so nice. I agree completely.

Hope you have a great week. TTFN Mary

looking ahead 4-22-12

Hi Peeps,

Hope you all were able to see Eric on Wed. He was a very good speaker and I learned a lot. I’m using some of his tips on a quilt I’m working on now. The only way I ever learn is to try to put some of the ideas that excite me into practice. It may not be perfect, but I’m also never bored. Just in need of more practice.

Christmas fabrics are beginning to come in and we are already working on new samples. I think you’ll be intrigued by some of them because they are really different. Just a little something to look forward to.

The Mother’s Day Shop Hop is fast approaching and those are always fun. If gas prices are somewhat daunting, find a friend or five and carpool. Road trip!!

In June, we’ll have lots going on with a Viking educator coming on June 5th and Pat Knoechel later in the month. She’ll be talking about their new book. Both events will take place at the Quality Inn, formerly known as the Holiday Inn. What an exciting summer!!

Summer classes will be beginning next month and people are already signing up. Don’t wait too long to put your name in or you may be disappointed.

Hope you have a great week and some pieceful sewing.


summer news 4-15-12

Hi Guys,

Don’t forget that Eric Drexler will be here on Wed. and there are a very few seats left in the evening session. I’m looking forward to seeing all the new ideas and ways to use Sulky products.

The newsletters are back from the printers! You can pick one up at the check-out counter. Lots of info and some interesting new classes coming up. Our summers are never lazy and we’re looking forward to seeing Pat Knoechel in June, and a Viking educator. The Mother’s Day Shop Hop is coming and Stars Over Indiana will be coming in July.
Hope you have a great week and come see us and all our new models soonest.

Pieceful sewing, and TTFN Mary

Easter 4-8-12

Happy Hopping!!

Hope you’re all having a great Easter! It’s a wonderful day to be out egg hunting and enjoying the sunshine. My cats are stretched out getting a tan as we speak.

I thought I’d mention again the wonder of a couple of new products. First of all, Wonder Tape, which is a water soluble, double sided sticky tape. It comes with a release paper on one side. I call this stuff “Sewers’ Duct Tape.” I use it to hold buttons in place, to hold Velcro where I want it to be until I sew it, to hold zippers in place, so they don’t wiggle as I sew and many, many more things. Diana puts it on the back of embroidery hoops to hold them in place as she is hooping. It’s great stuff.

The other thing I’m loving at the moment, are the “Frixion” pens. The ink from these pens is erasable, but also goes away with heat. These are great to mark purses and they have thin enough nibs that you can easily mark through quilt templates. I know, the ink might come back if it gets really cold, but it goes away when the item gets warm again. One or two people told me the ink didn’t disappear on their project. This has never happened to me, but I always do a test on the fabric I’m using. I’ve never had a problem with it and I just love to use them.

Hope you all have a great week and I hear there are lots of egg salad recipes on the web!


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